Only an hour away from  busy Frankfurt , lies this amazing baroque town of Heidelberg , ideal weekend or day trip destination for the lovers of traditional German style sights!

This particular city became a town of great importance in Germany since 12 AD, when its University was founded, the first and most important of the country, which still attracts great academic interest and gives this city its most important characteristic! The beauty and liveliness of the students ! Important personalities of history have occasionally chosen to stay in this small but famous city, such as the well-known philosopher Goethe and the writer Mark Twain, and this city is now one of the most popular touristic destinations of the whole country!

Before you start , read me blog post about the surprising Frankfurt

How to get there

Take the first flight to Frankfurt and from there you can find frequent bus or trains routes. The duration of the route does not exceed one hour.

What to see and do

Truth is , we arrived in Heidelberg  , in the afternoon and so I do not have beautiful sunny pictures to show you, and especially if you go during the winter (like we did) it gets dark early but even so I will show you what I have!

Walk the Hauptstrasse

Like almost all European cities, Heidelberg has a beautiful medieval ,  baroque style old town and the 1,6-kilometer-long Hauptstrasse ( main street ) , actually the longest of Germany. It is full of shops, cafés and restaurants, which ends up below the hill, in which is built the imposing Castle of the city. Walk around the shops and dare to discover all the hidden alleys of the city.

Climb up the Castle

After a necessary stop for beer and hot chocolate in an incredibly unique cafe, we took the road up to the Castle, also known as the “Palace”. If you can not withstand the mild mountaineering, you can pay for the 6 euro ticket and take the lift from the city to climb up . Wander at the Castle, the Museum, the Gardens and admire the view! Well hidden  in the basement of the Royal Cellar, now also operating as a restaurant, is the largest barrel in the world if you want to see something more special.

heidelberg castle
Take a picture on the Alte Brucke

The Alte Brucke medieval stone bridge is located on the edge of the city and is the perfect place to hang and lock your love over the river Neckar. There you will find the rather scary bronze sculpture of the “Heidelberg Monkey”, holding a mirror, and according to tradition will ask you to look well and do your self-criticism before you enter the city. A little creepy.

Cross the bridge and walk the ” Philosophers Weg “

Passing on the opposite bank of the Neckar River, you will find yourself in a uniquely beautiful park, which you will also pass – as the University professors did in the past – the famous “Philosophers Trail”.

The market square

Considering to be one of the most beautiful Christmas markets it is set up every year in the central square of Heidelberg. If you find yourself in the area from mid-November and on , do not forget to visit it. There you will also find the baroque temple of St. Peter and the Town Hall, among other historical buildings.