Hello friends! As you probably know -or not- i live in Corfu , Greece , a quite busy place during the summer! And trust me , things can get a bit uncomfortable for us locals during August , which is probably our busiest month of all! Too much people , too much traffic , too much work! Although i consider August the worst month ever , when it comes to traveling , that is usually the time , where urged form my  fugitive stresses  , i try to run away to a more peaceful place ( if i can find one in Greece during the summer).


So , after some days of research and sweat , and baring in mind that i only have two and a half days off , i ended up in a pretty convenient road trip , in the Continental coastline of Greece , just across Corfu! In that way we would get to see , three different towns , enjoy the sea and calm our minds , in the most budget friendly way!


We got of the boat at Igoumenitsa Port , met with my travel-sister and her boyfriend and got back in our cars! Our road-trip was just starting! After less than an hour , we were reaching the stunning town of Parga. For me it was finally a dream come true since i ‘ve been wanting to visit that picturesque small town for ever! And it was really worth it! Even though the weather was kind of crappy , we decided to have a swim in the beach , just in front of the town center and relax for start. Then we walked around the beautiful alleys , surrounded by colorful little houses and we enjoyed the best ice cream in Magic Cream ! Dont miss it!

Parga is a pretty famous summer destination for the Greeks living around , so expect to find it crowded especially during the weekends and all of the summer! In the winter time , on the other hand , there are only a few people left there!

Back to our cars , engines on and off to our next destination , which would also be our base for those two days , the cute Preveza.  Accommodation in Parga was extremely pricey that time of year , so we had chosen Preveza , since it was a lot cheaper and right in the middle of our route , allowing us to visit also Lefkada the next day! Our apt was a bit old fashioned but clean and in a great area and the price was only 45 euros per night. We got some rest and quickly got to the city center , in search of food.

So basically , Preveza was a great surprise for me! A vivid city with beautiful architecture , a beautiful seafront full of boats , cute cafes and bars and a loooot of restaurants! Unfortunately i visited twice during the night , so no decent photos available!

Where to eat in Preveza.

End your night with a cocktail in :Μποτίλια στο πέλαγο


After a first day full of driving , swimming , driving again , seeing two new places and eating like crazy , we had to get a good sleep! When we woke up , the weather was better but still some clouds were hanging above us suspiciously.  Nevertheless , we wore our bathing suits and left the apt hungry and in desperate need of coffee! It was time to visit Lefkada!

Lefkada is practically an island , one of the seven Ionians , but during the last years a ( kind of bridge) bridge was built to connect it with the mainland , so it is super easy to get there from Preveza in only half an hour! After drinking the essential coffee we wandered around the town for a while , but since it s quite an ordinary town with not much to see , we took off , looking for some amazing beaches to explore! Lefkada is known after all for the magnificent beaches and crystal clear waters , and trust me , this is a FACT.

Driving by the magical beach of Agios Nikitas and discouraged by the crowds , we headed to the next one , Kathisma Beach , one of the most famous of the island! I have no words to express how gorgeous it was , just admire the photos below! And this comes from a very strict judge , as it comes to beaches since I practically learned how to swim in Myrtos in Kefallonia! 

You cant see that now , but two hours later , it was pouring raining , and we were running for our cars , soaking wet! Not really happy then , but it has now become one of my funny travel stories!

After that we headed bαck to Preveza for lunch and rest. 

On day three we returned home. Sometimes just a small break from the reality , even for two days , is the best way to relax , clear your head and get all the positive energy you need. Short breaks are my favorite!

There is also a Roadtrip video if you want to watch just how blue those waters were!