The worst travel fear I can imagine of all the prospective travelers.

Being sick while traveling in a foreign country, without your mom giving you medicine, your family doctor reassuring you, or at least one person speaking your language! Insecurity and fear are completely justified as we are not talking about a lost suitcase or a stolen identity, but about ourselves.

Although we don’t even want to think about such an idea, illness and accidents are all part of our life so lets see first what we can do before leaving in order to prevent or be prepared for any unfortunate circumstance .

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Pic from our Bratislava Trip. Read more HERE

Travel Insurance is a necessity

No one thinks that if we go to Paris for a week, we could easily fall and break our leg, but how much do you want to risk being in a Parisian hospital waiting to be treated without knowing what and if you are entitled as  a European citizen?

Your first choice is the European Health Card. It is provided free of charge to all insured persons of the funds and covers basic needs of care and emergencies, always depending on the laws in force in each country. This means that some services may not be free, simply because they are in your own country. Do your research here : There you will find country-specific, affiliated hospitals and even private doctors of each region.

The second option is of course a private travel insurance, which will not only cover you medically but also in a more comprehensive plan, from losing your suitcase to the possibility of theft. Perhaps the most well known worldwide is Nomads. Entering , its page will ask you to fill in your destination, your age and the duration of your stay and will show you a price for your insurance. I suggest you get the full package, which is usually not much different from basic but covers almost everything. Your insurance is sent online, you print it and you’re ready to leave!

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Pic from our Warsaw trip. Read more HERE

Don’t forget your travel pharmacy .

It is stupid , almost a crime to travel without having a painkiller or a bandage. Keep in mind that not all medicines are the same, in all countries, I have been to a pharmacy in Budapest with no Depon, no Panadol, or any other brand I know, so I have to choose at random a simple pill (does not sound serious, but there may be an ingredient that may cause problems or allergies).

 Truth is that the human body gets used to a particular environment and even the different kind of air that you breathe in a foreign place, full of different germs than the ones you have already acquired can make you feel unwell, especially if you are a weak organism . Stomach problems are very common among travelers, and just changing the environment, apart from eating different foods can cause your stomach and intestine to disassemble, which no one wants .

The basics that I am packing are the following:

  • Painkillers
  • Thermometer
  • Pills for stomach / intestinal disorders
  • Chewing gum / bandage
  • Spray to stop bleeding
  • If it’s summer I also add an insect repellent ointment.
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Pic from our Preveza to Lefkada Roadtip

Prevention is everything.

Surely you would never have thought that the most common place to get a germ is the very same plane that will take you to your destination, and especially the table in front of your seat, which collects the largest number of germs (and is almost never cleaned) The same applies for trains or subways. With a simple antiseptic wipe it is easy to clean both them and your hands. Antiseptic wipes are always in my bag and I use them several times if I cannot wash my hands somewhere.

If you are going to visit a country outside Europe, consult the Official Health Care Site and specifically the vaccine track.. If you’re still not sure about something, make an appointment with your doctor before traveling. Search for the phone of the Embassy of your home country in the country you are going to visit. There you know that you will definitely find someone who first speaks your language and may be able to help you if any matter arises.

In some countries it is advisable to avoid consuming local water from taps (or any water not bottled), salads and vegetables and of course no ice cubes in your drinks. Beware of outdoor markets and street food.


Pic from our Istanbul trip. Read more HERE

I got sick while traveling. Now what?

Initially stay calm. If you are provided with some fever or stomach pills (the two most common diseases), you are covered at least for the beginning. If you have high fever, severe diarrhea or persistent vomiting, you should definitely get to the nearest hospital.

if for any reason you feel unsafe with the hospital or you see suspicious behavior, get on the first plane and return as soon as possible..

Let’s hope this will NEVER be needed. Safe travels!