People say that home is where your heart is!

I totally agree , plus i have to add , that home can be more than just one place! Our heart is big enough for many places , people and feelings so why just one? And home can be the place we were born or grow up or just a place that we spent a year or a day , and which defined our identity for ever on . I consider my self lucky enough to have three different places to call home , Kefallonia, where i was born and raised , Corfu ( another island in Greece) , in which i came as a student and now live with my husband , and last but not least , Poland , where my mom is from .In this blog post , i will proudly talk and present to you my beloved home and help you plan the perfect trip to Kefallonia!

Lets get started!

Some interesting facts about Kefallonia

Initially , lets get to know where Kefallonia is located and other important facts about this magical island. So , Kefallonia is one of the seven Ionian Islands , and more specifically the largest one , in length.  Weirdly , is poorly populated , a fact very convenient when it comes to visiting and exploring it!. Argostoli , the capital city , is a rather small town , built on the uphills , around Koutavos Lagoon ( home to rare plants and birds)  , sadly , with no exceptional architecture or stunning buildings to show off ,due to the 1953 earthquakes , that destroyed it completely along with the whole island! Argostoli , was rebuilt from scratch , under very strict anti seismic laws , so it lost all of its Venetian beauty . You can visit the Archaeological and Folklore Museum for more info!

The beautiful lighthouse is located no more than 2km from the city center , and Ag.Georgios Castle awaits for you to take some stunning sunset photos!

The Lighthouse

Though , they are not architectural sights of great importance to visit , get prepared for the most beautiful natural environment , amazingly clear beaches and breathtaking views , that will totally take your breath away!And the best part? It is a pretty unknown destination , so you get to enjoy , nearly all by your self!

What to do and what to see

Go to the beach again and again

Don’t you dare be in Kefallonia , and not visit one of the greatest most beautiful , and voted more than once as the best beach of Europe , the famous MYRTOS. You trip to Kefallonia just wouldn’t be perfect without visiting this beach! The view from the top will leave you speechless , and the clear blue waters will not let you ever to forget them! P.s Be a bit careful , there are many underwater currents , so don’t swim too far from the shore.


One of my most favorite beaches , Xi Beach , is located near Lixouri Area , and in 2016 was included in ” Travel and Leisure “ ‘s list of most strange beaches of the world  , due to its reddish sand . The red color of the sand is caused by huge amounts of clay, so free spa for all!

Other amazing beaches , are Avythos , Petanoi , Ai Helis , Antisamos and honestly many many more , just waiting for you to discover them ! On the other hand if you don’t want to spend the day driving around the island , just chill in the Costa Costa Beach Bar , in Makrys Gialos , order a cocktail and enjoy life !

Ai Helis Beach

Watch rare geological phenomenons


Practically , it ‘s cracks near the sea in which , water fall in them , travel underneath the island for about 15 km and ends up in the area of Karavomylos , just to end up in the sea again. Watch this strange phenomenon and enjoy a coffee in the nearby cafe .

Melissani Lake Cavern

So , if you have time for only ONE sight of Kefallonia , i beg you to be it! I don’t think i have seen something more beautifully and harmonically sculptured by nature than this piece of art! A lake inside of a cave , with crystal blue but also frozen waters , trees on the inside and small boats that take you for a short rides . Words don’t do justice for this beauty! ( Open for the public , from May until October)

Drogarati Cave

Another spectacular sight made by nature!  Aged more than 100 million years old this cave was discovered 300 years ago in an area near Sami , it has a depth of 95 meters and the temperature is constantly at 18 celcium . Stalactites and stalagmites continue their living existence , so you are not allowed to touch them , and be extra careful it gets slippery !

Find more information here

Let’s hit the mountains!

A trip to Kefallonia is not complete without visiting the mountains as well! Mount Ainos is the highest mountain not only of the Island but of all the Ionian islands as well , with its pick at 1628 meters . Covered by the rare dark green Kefallonian Fir makes Kefallonia the only island with a fir forest and because of that was named a National Park in 1961.

National park of Ainos , is home to more than 100 species of birds and 400 more species of plants beside the black fir and if you are lucky enough you might get to see the wild horses of Ainos , a group of a little smaller horses that live in a semi-wild condition in the forests !

Visit beautiful villages

Kefallonia might not have spectacular architecture to show off , but it does have some amazing traditional villages in breathtaking spots , which i advise you to visit for a daily trip for launch or coffee . My all time fav is definitely Assos and then , Fislardo , Agia Efimia and for the end i advise you to reach Kipouria monastery for the most perfect sunsets!

Walk on Deboset Bridge

Grab a coffee , get your camera and walk all the way to the other side of the DeBosset Bridge , built in 1813 when the island was under English occupation by the Swiss De Bosset . Up until 2005 it was open for vehicles as well but thankfully now it s just for pedestrians and bicycles!

Dance in a traditional festival

Do you also want to feel part of the kefallonian community? Between July and August , many traditional festivals take place , filled with people who dance , great traditional food and local music! A great experience!

Some thoughts before the end

Kefallonia is a beautiful peaceful island . You can enjoy your day swim in any of our wonderful beaches and drink your cocktail or traditional wine at night . You can rent a bike and wander around the island with salt all over your body and messy hair. Even in the midst of August you will feel almost like a local and not just like another tourist in an over packed island . It is the island of relaxation . If you are looking for a place to party until the morning , this is not it.

Our beaches are clean and pure , roads are almost never full and people are polite and ready to show you all the beauties of my island! My Kefallonia is waiting for you!

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