Or else , the airline we all love to hate!

Truth to be told, in Greece traveling by plane has always been an expensive sport. This is because most of the flights were operated by few airlines. In our minds traveling by plane meant free drinks and food and a dose of luxury. Poor people were traveling by bus.

And then it comes , this unknown to us Ryanair offering tickets to destinations at crazy prices, around 30 euros back (I’ve booked a ticket at a price of only 5 euros ) and the whole aviation microcosm is under shock! And if it’s one of the positives Ryanair created with its presence, that’s exactly it! It forced all other companies to drop their prices (yes, you have to thank Ryanair for finding Aegean tickets at the great price of 50 euros).

The truth is that I have been lucky for the time being. I have never been on a half hour delay with this company, and I have traveled a lot with Ryanair in recent years. But yes. Ryanair as I like to call it is the “flying bus”.

But how is actually the experience of flying with Ryanair?

Do most of the job and don’t wait for too much

What do I mean by that.

1. Book and print your tickets. We, the younger ones, have now learned to search and book our tickets online, so this is not a difficult part. Using the Ryanair app makes it even easier and tickets don’t even need to be printed (I always print them, you never know ). For the older ones, with a little help from someone, you will do it too.

2. Flying with Ryanair means check-in must be done online otherwise you’ll be surprised at the airport and will have to pay!

3. You are now entitled to a small bag at the ticket price. A women’s small handbag, that’s what I mean. If you want to get a small handl uggage (as it was a few years ago), you have to pay PRIORITY BOARDING, around 16 euros. Otherwise for 20 euros you can book a suitcase. CAUTION, if you make a mistake you’ll obviously pay at the airport two or three times over the normal price and we don’t want that!


4. NOTHING is for free on the plane, so get some snacks and water after the security check to avoid paying for a five euro bottle of water. Objectively, flights are usually not long, so you will get that hungry , so relax.

5. The flight times are several times, very awkward. Very early in the morning, very late at night . That’s how you travel cheap though!

6. The seats have to be bought if you want to hang out with your friend / chick / group. Otherwise you may find yourself many rows away. Some people don’t mind this at all, especially if you are traveling alone, saving those 8 euro , sounds pretty good. If you are one of those traveling only on a particular seat, you better book it.

7.Flying with Ryanair means seats are quite uncomfortable, at least in terms of legroom. I tell you that with a height of 1.82, I am quite stressed on flights over 1.5 hours. You can of course buy seats with extra foot space.

Flying to Rome (2019)

8. Customer service is bad so wish to get nothing wrong, such as booking on the wrong dates or giving the wrong name because you won’t get a tip. You have a 24 hour deadline to make any change, otherwise guess! You pay! Also NEVER book a nonstop flight with a short wait time, because if your Ryanair flight is delayed and you miss your next flight (which would be with another company), you will receive neither compensation nor anyone even dealing with you.

Basically, you get what you pay for. You can’t wait to be served lunch when your ticket is $ 14.99. So. be realistic.
On our way to Malta (2018)

Also, there are no small letters. It’s all very clear when you book your ticket. If you want a suitcase you pay for it. If you want space, you pay for it. If you make a mistake it is your fault and you pay for it. If your luggage (which must meet the permitted dimensions and weight) is overweight or huge, blame it on you who didn’t read it well. And the truth is, I’ve been able to see people with luggage so big that I honestly wonder if they’ve ever read or ever thought they had to obey the rules, and there, no, it’s not the company’s fault.

I do not hide that I will always prefer to fly with Aegean, for example if the price difference is small, not for water or tea but because I know that whatever happens to me or my flight to me, in whatever situation I will always find someone to talk at any time and if the blame is on the company I will be compensated.

I personally do not have to report ANY bad flight experience with this company. My flights were always good and on time. Maybe I was lucky. But let’s not fool ourselves. This airline has helped many of us who would never have been able to go anywhere, so let’s try to eliminate the nagging and appreciate the fact that for 20 euros we can drink coffee in Rome in less than an hour!

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Arrivederci !

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