Bologna has an air of vitality that strikes you in the face from the first moment you walk in the city. Its long history and its world-renowned University have become an attraction for thousands of students each year, transforming it into a place full of hip shops, small art corners in every alley and awesome street art. It is considered one of the most modern and culturally evolving cities in Italy and not unjustly so. In this article I will show you some pieces from the unique street art I found in Bologna.

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The University area

I was very lucky and without knowing it, the hostel I had booked to stay was in one of the busiest areas of the city, that of the University. So, the first day I hugged my camera and tripod, I walked on the streets and it only took me a few minutes of walking until I found myself in front of wonderful works of art.

mpolonia-street art
Northeast outside the center

Outside the historic center and specifically in Via Del Lavoro and Via Emiglio Zango you will find some wonderful and huge murals. Street art in Bologna is changing day by day!

Spread in the historic center

Bologna is one of the cities that welcomed the art of the streets with open arms and so you will find a beautiful piece of an artist literally in every alley! Bologna easily combines its medieval beauty with the energy of today and for me it is a destination that you should immediately put on your list!

If you are interested in seeing more, you will definitely find this link useful, in which you will find in detail the position of all the works as well as information about the artists behind them!

I hope you enjoy Bologna like i did!