We met with Julie on a hot afternoon of May , got two coffees in hand and walked along the beach of Garitsa overlooking the bay and the picturesque Windmill. Julie is behind the delicious instagram account Juliet’s Yummi Treasures, an account full of color, impressive creations and a lot of Corfu.

Julie and I met through the Corfu portal MyKerkyra, in which we collaborated as editors, each in its own part, and which Julie continues to staff with her wonderful and delicious articles.


Julie Moumouri’s delicious creations revolve around sweets and she loves to make cakes and cupcakes for special occasions. Born in Corfu, she has been working in a law firm for the last few years, but her big dream is to make her love a profession, to build her own shop somewhere in the small corfiot alleys and generously share her creations.

Why do I love her? Because she is one of those girls who is full of ideas. From these girls whose eyes shine with plans and dreams. Because she loves what she does and she does it with passion.

You are Julie and your big love is:

Desserts of course and specifically cakes! I love anything that allows me to let my imagination run wild. My favorite dessert is banana cheesecake and pancakes in various variations. I started working on desserts in 2013, timidly making cakes for personal use but also for friends. It calms me down to just work with my sweets, even after a full day of work in the office but also to create something that will make someone happy.

Discribe yourself in 3 words:

First I will describe me in one color, which is pink and it characterizes me perfectly. Then, I will say spontaneous and optimistic.

A few words about Yammi Treasures.

About two years ago, when I started writing about the Corfiot MyKerkyra, I realized how much the world embraced both its articles and creations. Somewhere there Juliet’s Yummi Treasures idea was born. In my instagram account, everyone can find my best “projects” all together but also get in touch with me for orders and find many easy and quick recipes on Mykerkyra

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now:

Ideally somewhere in the Old Town of Corfu, in my own small and cute shop, somewhere where you can all find me and enjoy my creations. Few and good day sweets and of course themed cakes and desserts made by orders. It’s a big dream of mine and I hope it comes true soon.

I got my own themed present!

I want to thank her for our very nice discussion but also for the travel gift she gave me! I wish your dream will come true soon girl!