If you have never heard it, it is because it is usually overshadowed by the most famous neighboring towns of Modena, Ferrara and Parma, who steal the show because of the Ferrari museums and the production of our much-loved Parmesan cheese ! You will meet Piacenza, about 1 hour away from Bologna and if your road takes you there I suggest you spend at least half a day in this charming Italian town.

But how did I get there? Organizing my first solo trip in 2019, I was looking for a few small towns to fill my schedule, between Bologna and Milan. So to sum up I was there by chance for half a day. The weather was indulgently bad, with incessant rain and strong wind, but I was not discouraged and after I bought a new umbrella (the old one broke, as soon as I set foot in the train station), I went out to explore the town.

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What to see if you ever find yourself in Piacenza

First get lost in the alleys and explore the historic city center. The classic Italian buildings but also the narrow streets always have surprises in store. Make a stop for an espresso and continue with some attractions. There is not much to see in Piacenza, so enjoy the tranquility it offers.

You can not miss Piazza Cavalli, the main square of the city. It is adorned with two bronze statues representing Allessandro Farnese and his son Ranuccio, while in the middle of the square stands the Palazzo Pontico, an emblematic 12th-century building, a former medieval palace and now City Hall.

Nearby, you will find the Basilica di Sant ‘Antonino, a basilica built in 1350 in Gothic style.

Perhaps the most important attraction in the area is the Palazzo Farnesse, on the banks of the River Po. Apart from the fact that it impresses externally, inside the walls of the palace you can find an interesting archeological museum that contains the legendary “Piacenza Liver” (A bronze liver with inscriptions). In addition, there is a fantastic gallery containing works of the 16th and 17th centuries and many other museums related to ancient weapons and armor.

Palazzo Farnesse

Ideal day trips can be made to the city of Parma, Cremona or Pretta.

Have the best time!

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