Corfu’s old town is a small labyrinth. The city consists of narrow cantonments ( or else “kantounia”), which in turn are connected by other even smaller, narrow passages and steps. Somewhere there, “hidden” in the cantonments, are some of my favorite cafes, the ones that may need a little more research to find them but are probably a little bit more worth it! So let me show you the “hidden” cafes in the old town of Corfu that you MUST discover!

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Favela No17

Timoxenous 3, 49131,Corfu

Relatively new entry to our island and now one of my favorite spots for a daily coffee or a Sunday brunch. It is located in one of the most beautiful small squares of Kampielo and the easiest way to find it is by locating Kremasti Square and continuing right and up.

Its exterior will seduce you, however wait until you see its interior, before you get completely excited!

Photo Gold Book of Corfu

It is only in its first year of operation, but this elegant cafe has managed to become the locals favorite. The young couple of owners, created a special interior space with passion and love, filled with an imaginative touch , while the exterior space is surrounded by the simplest but yet most charming landscape. The old town buildings, the laundry spread out on the small balconies and some pink bougainvilleas.

The wonderful location, the artistic touches and also the delicious delicacies that are served are just some of the reasons why you should put it on your list. In the evening it can be an ideal spot for a glass of wine and some funky/jazz music selections.

My advise? Go for the pancakes.


Maniarizi & Arlioti 10, Phone Num. 6948322368

Open every day except Mondays, 10-4/7-10 pm

A bistro to fall in love with. At Gabao you can have a fantastic breakfast, relax and have a great cup of coffee or share a bottle of wine with friends as soon as it gets dark. You can enjoy a light meal in the evening and a glass of Prosecco in a classy environment. This is Gabao. It was created with a lot of love by two sisters from Budapest who decided to leave their lives in Hungary and become islanders.

How was the idea of Gabao born?

Gabriella (or Gabao) and Enike created a very special space with a strong island element, with restored furniture and works of art by Enike(ENIKEOROS) herself and her then partner Laci(NL CERAMICS), who is behind some of the creations adorning the interior of Gabao. The purpose was to create a space that would resemble to an island to the fullest with a note of artistic creation and utilization of worn objects that were literally found in the trash, restored and turned into works of art.

Enike‘s creations are scattered in Gabao and of course leaving you can take a piece from Corfu with you.

In the morning it can be an ideal choice for those who love eggs and their variations since Gabriella loves to pamper you and in the evening a romantic spot with relaxed music choices.There, you can also find cold plates of meats, cheeses and fruit plus a variety of tasty hot dishes, including pasta. Once a week, Gabao hosts live film screenings with food and organizes parties on occasions.

The space can be used for birthdays and small gatherings.

Bizoú Café

Manarizi & Arlioti 30

And we finish our hidden cafes of Corfu post with a very special cafe that opened on December 20, 2020 and since then operates as an antique store/cafe with exclusive vegan options. All items are for sale (as well as the glasses and cups in which the drinks are served), organic, fair Trade coffee is used, and you will even find organic wine!

For those who love vegan options at Bizoú Café you will find breakfast, coffee with soy and almond milk, chocolate, tea, vegan snacks and pastries, as well as scrambled tofu, sandwiches, vegan yogurt with fruit and nuts and many more savory and sweet options.