Are you one of those who seek the authentic cuisine of the place they visit while at the same time enjoying and appreciating a well-kept space and the persistence on detail? Then, look no further. In Diporto, a proper cook house in the center of Corfu you will eat traditional Corfiot food, where locals eat every day after work and visitors who are lucky enough to discover it.

Welcome to Diporto
A short story

Diporto is located at 1 Sotiros and Paleologou streets, on the so called boundaries between the old town and the new one. It first opened its doors as a wine cellar in 1987 and in 1988 it changed direction and continued its operation as a cook house, offering omelets and English breakfasts in the mornings, traditional dishes, but also fresh gyros, the rest of the day, addressed mainly to local employees of the surrounding area, looking for homemade food. It was, after all, one of the first two shops that served “gyros” in Corfu and had thus become a point of reference and meeting place for the locals.

In 2000 it was turned exclusively into a house cook, with the new generation taking over the reins. Elena, daughter of Mrs. Rodoula who cooks always keeping the traditional element, highlighted the space, adding decorative touches, always using her own imagination.

Her philosophy?

To create a warm space, in which the locals and the visitor, will feel at home and will eat “mommy” food from the hands of Mrs. Rodoula.

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Meet Elena Agathou

This family business has chosen to operate based on the authenticity of the materials and the friendly relationship with the customers. The oil used in cooking is of the family itself, while the award-winning organic local oils Andriotis have been selected for serving. All meats are selected daily by Mrs. Rodoula and fresh vegetables are always used, all seasonal. The wine is also of the family (Mr. George says he is proud) and most of the time so is the bread!

Elena’s favorite dish, the “bianco fish”, simple and yet so delicious and full of aromas. It is always her suggestion for those who want to try something Corfiot, reminiscent of an island and Greece.

Bianco Fish

Diporto is open in winter and summer, every day except Sunday from 12 am to 12 pm.

Sotiros 1 Palaiologou, 2661 045422