Sofia and I met a very warm but very calm August afternoon. This was very different summer for all of us, but much more for us islanders who had to experience a completely different reality in our islands, we got sad, we accepted situations but also during everything, we got to enjoy our island as never before. Sofia creates original Corfiot souvenirs. Sofia is Viaggio Corfu. Let’s get to know her better.

Few words about Viaggio Corfu

If you are tired of the usual, indifferent souvenirs then Viaggio Corfu products will excite you. Designed with love, they capture in the best way Corfu’s culture and become not only an ideal gift for your loved ones, but also objects of daily use for yourself.

Mugs, notebooks, canvas bags, small pouches and new items are constantly being added. The desings? Representative of the island. Images from the cantons, the Philharmonic and traditional Corfiot figures.

Sofia, tell us something about you

I come from Thessaloniki and I am 38 years old. I have studied Economics at Aristotle Univeristy and International Marketing Management in England. I have also stayed in Edessa for a while. I really like traveling and I have absolutely nothing to do with Corfu! I came on the island with my husband because of work and the love was instantaneous!

Favourite destinations?

New York and Jordan!

How was Viaggio Corfu born?

I generally love traveling and am always looking for the most original and special souvenirs to bring back with me. I have a whole cupboard with mugs from my favorite destinations and many smaller souvenirs usually from local markets.

Searching in Corfu, I unfortunately found that there were no imaginative, modern and at the same time authentic souvenirs that capture the unique elegance of the island. Somehow, in 2019 the idea was born and Viaggio Corfu took shape.

What about the inspiration and design?

Living in Corfu, the only easy thing is to get inspired. Inspiration is all around me. In the buildings, in the history, in the people themselves. Right by my side me from the first moment of course, is One Drop Consept Studio in Thessaloniki that turns all my ideas into tangible objects.

How do you picture Viaggio Corfu in some years from now?

Ideally under one roof. A special place in the old town, a concept store that could house not only many more products but also function as an interactive space to meet Corfu. A corner with photos of the island, a video projection of the most important historical events, essentially a place where people could truly get to know the island and connect with it.

Where can we find your products?

Anyone can always send a personal message to my instagram page, learn information and buy a Viaggio Corfu of their own. In the city of Corfu, you will find my products at Anti-Kairoi in the Town Hall Square, at the Plous bookstore and at the Memories store in Agioi Panton.

What more to expect?

Many new design ideas are comng for next season, but expect unique pieces for Christmas as well!

Thank you Sophia for this beautiful discussion. I only wish you many, many more creations to come!

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