The old town of Corfu captures anyone who sees it and walks its alleys, or else “kantounia”. Architecture that does not exist anywhere else in Greece is becoming a trademark of the island. Buildings dating back to the early 19th century stand, some arrogant and others with obvious signs of decay, but all hide stories. Joys and sorrows of the past but also of the present, since in the old city coexist harmoniously, the memories of yesterday with the life of today. Are we going to take an autumn walk together through the “kantounia” in Corfu?

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Old churches and grocery stores with vintage inscriptions, fine dining restaurants and grandma’s laundry hanging. Hip cafe that pulsates with voices and laughter side by side with hundreds of years porters. A diffuse historicity hand in hand with romance. How many secrets do they know that we never will ?

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Starting off with laundries

In Corfu you walk. Usually you look up and just cannot stop taking pictures. You discover something wonderful in every corner. Laundries is an integral part of the island, giving color but also a human warm element. The hanging clothes there spread out like paintings, they change colors like the seasons. You can almost understand what kind of person lives in this house. Is it a woman or a man? Maybe a family or some forgotten grandmother has spread old tablecloths?

“Kantounia” are works of art

In Corfu you have to get lost. Wander around the cantonments without a specific destination and just feel their vibe. Your camera will catch fire.

“Kantounia” are full of life

And not just human. The island cats have their honor here as well and of course we do not forget the endless pigeons, which you will see flying over the city or wandering in the alleys.

Have a great exploring day