Breakfast does not need recommendations. We love it because it gives us the necessary boost we need to start our day. Brunch on the other hand, this wonderful “marriage” of breakfast with lunch (lets thank our English friends for the idea), the trend of recent years that was loved in Greece has now become a beloved habit for most of us and is also the ideal way to start to the day when exploring a new destination. But what is the deal in Corfu? It’s time to share with you my favorite spots for breakfast and brunch in Corfu!

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Why do we love brunch? It brings people closer, as the focus is not the food but the company and that is so true. In this article, however, I will suggest you shops in which, in addition to the good company that you will bring, you will also find excellent food. Take out a piece of paper and take notes, take out your cell phones and start following, it’s time to whet your appetite and write you all about my favorite suggestions for breakfast and brunch in Corfu. So we start in alphabetical order.

Barista Street Cafe

The street cafe that never stands still, loves excellent coffee but also special suggestions for breakfast and brunch, emphasizes on the detail, the fresh ingredients and the careful way of combining flavors. You will find it just outside the city center, in the area of ​​Tria Gefyria and I suggest you make a stop or take their goodies and continue your way to our beaches.

Barista Street Cafe menu is healt-oriented and includes detox smoothies, classic baguettes and tortillas, nutritious yogurt bowls with fresh fruits and superfoods, legume and vegetable salads and pancakes with combinations that will impress you. You will not know what to choose, so the best solution is to visit it more than once. Trust me.

Evita’s choice: Iron Yogurt Bowl, Apple Pancakes

Facebook: Barista Street Cafe / Instagram: @barista-street-cafe

Favela no17

We are transported to the center and specifically to the old town. Favella no17 is located in one of the most beautiful small squares of Kampielo and the easiest way to find it is by locating Kremasti Square and continuing right and up. The young couple of owners created with passion and love a special interior space, full of imaginative touches, while the outside area is surrounded by the simplest but most charming landscape. The buildings of the old town, the spread laundry and the pink bougainvilleas that frame it. There you can enjoy a coffee feeling the beautiful Corfiot vibes, while at the same time you will enjoy some of the best pancakes on the island and more.

Evita’s choice: Pancakes of all kinds

Facebook: Favela no17 / @favela_17

Gialos Coffee Bar

We leave the old town and I take you to an all day cafe overlooking the sea and the Fortress, in the area of ​​Garitsa. Gialos Coffee Bar, the first cafe that opened in the area (2006), an ideal spot for those who want to enjoy their breakfast and the most beautiful view of our island. His suggestions for breakfast and brunch promise to excite you (if you are a fan of eggs you will love me) as it is a store that does not stop evolving and looking for new flavors.

Eggs Benedict, Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur are just some of his delicious and thoughtful suggestions but also for those who are looking for sweet flavors, I recommend pancakes with forest fruits. All dishes at Gialos are made with local ingredients, such as Corfu butter and handmade jams and of course from recipes with plenty of “mommy” love.

Evita’s choice: Eggs Benedict

Facebook: Gialos Coffee Bar / Instagram: @gialoscoffebar


A very promising new entry in our city, in the area of ​​Pezodromos. The Delicatessen of Corfu, states that came to Corfu to give pleasure to the palates, to the kitchens, to the people who see the world of taste as an important life adventure full of experiences. Here you can buy special products from small producers, such as pasta from Italian brands and rice from selected varieties, many different jars that contain snails, chutney, mustard, flavored mayonnaise, vegetable pate, sauces, spreads, and of course cold cuts and cheeses.

Yes, but what will we eat. Markantiko prepares daily 4 types of focaccia based on separate cold cuts such as salami, provolone, mortadela and of course the star beef pastrami, to enjoy them on a table, or to take it in hand and continue your walk. You will find it open daily for yourfocaccias from 10 to 6 in the afternoon.

Evita’s choice: Pastrami Focaccia

Facebook: Markantiko / Instagram: @markantiko

Starenio Bakery
In the fairytale Town Hall Square, there is Starenio Bakery that promises to steal your heart with its wonderful flavors and its homemade vibes. Its interior is small, just enough to fit all the goodies it prepares daily, and you can either take something in hand, or sit at one of its tables and eat your breakfast with coffee or juice. Opened its doors in 1994 as a bakery, it works like a homy "family" bakery since most of the staff is it for years and especially if you are a healthy food lover or vegan, say you found paradise yours.
Everything at Starenio is handmade with love, from the breads and jams to the pie dough itself. Special emphasis is given to vegan options, with suggestions such as spinach / valerian or pumpkin yellow / peppers / carrot / beetroot / oatmeal. It recently won the Best Restaurant / Chain with Vegan Options category at the Vegan Awards 2020. You must try it!

Evita’s choice: Chicken, Parmezan and Spinach Pie

Facebook: Starenio Bakery / Instagram: @starenio_bakery