Undoubtedly the hidden Queen of the Ionian, an island of eerie beauty, breathtaking views and natural landscapes that you do not find anywhere else in Greece. An island that is overshadowed by the cosmopolitan Corfu and the famous Lefkada but retains a magic for a few connoisseurs, those visitors who walked it, explored it and can no longer forget it. An island so big that even in the most touristic period you will never feel the hustle and bustle, except for the absolute relaxation. The reason of course for Kefalonia, my favorite island and today I will tell you about my favorite beaches, just some of the incredibly many beaches that will excite you.

Myrtos, the famous one

The most famous beach of the island, naturally holding a blue flag, is 11 times awarded as the best beach in Greece in a poll by thalassa.gr and one of the best in the world for more than ten consecutive years. If all this did not convince you then you will surely be convinced, when you see Myrtos for the first time from above but also when you swim in its wild waters. It is located in the Municipality of Pylaros, 30 km from Argostoli. It is organized in a part of it, but due to its large area, there is plenty of space for your umbrella.

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Makris Gialos, Platis Gialos & Gradakia

I put these three beaches together because they are located in the same area and are the closest in distance, just 5 minutes from Argostoli. The fact that they are so close to the city does not mean that they are of moderate beauty, the opposite, they have clear blue waters and in Makris Gialos is the most cosmopolitan beach bar that Kefalonia has to offer.

Antisamos, the green one

Personally, one of my favorite beaches in Kefalonia is Antisamos, which is located 22 km from Argostoli, near the port of Sami. It is one of those beaches that are literally inside the green, since the cypress trees literally reach its first pebbles. To get there, follow one of the greenest routes of the island and of course do not forget to stop on the plateau before the beach to be photographed.

Photo by Faos Luxury Apartments Agia Efimia Kefalonia
Ai Xelis, the classic one

A beautiful beach in the south of the island near the village of Svoronata. It is quite large in area, has easy access and shallow waters and is ideal for families and racket lovers.

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Petanoi, far away

The name means “waters that are constantly moving” and this is because in this beach the sea water is mixed with the waters that come down from the mountain springs. A beach that is close to Lixouri but really worth the long route you will do. There are cafes and restaurants (thankfully few) and it is organized for the most part.

Xi, the red one

A beach that is completely different from the colors you will find in general in Kefalonia. It is located in the south of the island and stands out for the tile shade of sand but also the clay that you will find for your natural “spa”. Also its waters are very shallow.

Fteri, the exotic one

One of the most exotic beaches of the island, along with Amidi, is located near the village of Zola, just half an hour from Argostoli and access is via a relatively difficult path or by taxi boat departing from the port of Agia Kiriaki (cost 15 €). Do not forget to come equipped with water, snacks and umbrellas.

Disclaimer: There are many, many more wonderful beaches on the island. In this article I have gathered only a few of my favorites and I look forward to your suggestions.

Have fun!