Just 20 km from the lovable Old Town of Corfu and its alleys, is one of the most special natural landscapes, not only of the island but of the whole of Greece. We are ofcourse talking about the beach of Issos with the crystal clear waters, the dunes and the “desert” like feeling that will enchant you from the first moment you set foot on the golden sand. So let’s see 10 photos od Corfu “desert”.

It is located in a privileged location, right in front of Lake Korission which is the most important wetland on the Ionian island and is a Natura protected area. This means that in the surrounding area you will not find restaurants and cafes, however the beach is in some places organized with sunbeds and has a “beach bar”. Access to the beach is very easy and there is a comfortable space to park your vehicle.

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It is one of the largest beaches in Corfu and its waters are shallow and most of the time calm, while it is quite clear. (Blue Flag in 2014)

The huge natural dunes that stretch around the beach, create an unreal landscape that resembles to a desert, while on the north side begins the unique cedar forest of the island. It consists of sea cedars, a species of cedar that grows in the northern Mediterranean on coastal sands.

Issos beach is considered one of the most ideal spots to enjoy the sunset if you are in Corfu, so you will notice that most visitors of the beach never leave before sunset, and I could not agree more! Climb one of the dunes and enjoy, if not the best, then one of the best sunsets on the island.