Staycation. A concept that was “created” and became a trend in recent years, much more after the appearance of Covid, in those strange times when our movement had many restrictions. Cousin of the word vacation, stay-cation, means exactly what you understood. Holidays in your place of residence, where you live or in a nearby place where you will go by car in just a few hours. Why, you will ask me. Or how exactly is this done? So let’s see how to be a tourist i your own city!

Lets start by making clear of what a staycation is

The meaning is a bit broad, however we can conclude that it is “a short excursion, a break from your daily routine”, which will look like a trip but in its shortest version. It can be a day or two away from work, which you will spend staying at home but exploring nearby places and trying new experiences or relaxing in a hotel room in a village near your city or in your own city.

Did you spend the day doing all your usual chores? Not a staycation. Did you take a break to sleep late and then visit the museums of your city and try a new restaurant with friends? Staycation. Did you go to another country for a week? This is a vacation. Did you drive a few hours away for a loooong weekend? Hello, staycation!

Why to staycation?

And why not to? We can all admit that our lives are now part of a routine, why not give ourselves the opportunity even for two days to change pictures and relax, without moving too far away from our home? Also many people do not yet feel ready for travel due to covid and are looking for a solution to have a good time without getting on ships and planes. Here is the solution.

Last minute decision, without the need for special organization with friends in a nearby village close to nature? Staycation time! There is no good budget but you shout that you need a break? Do you want to make a special gift to your other half or do you want to spend two days with the bestie without spending a fortune? Staycation. Are you a new parent and you want to relax a little but you do not want to go away from your child who is in the grandparents? Ideal solution.

Our recent staycation

A late anniversary gift became an occasion to spend an evening in one of the most beautiful suites in the old town of Corfu. We took a small suitcase and found ourselves in the always wonderful Liston Suites where we spent a relaxing evening with movies and food, watching from the windows the rain falling. We drank our wines, laughed, relaxed, and in the morning we woke up to the sounds of the Old Town, wandered around the city, had our breakfast and although we were in our city, we felt we were on vacation.

👉 If you want to read more about the beautiful suites that hosted us check this blog post Liston Suites in Corfu

I can still think of endless reasons for you to take a mini trip to your city but the truth is one. We have all been pushing ourselves a lot lately, in an already stressful daily life. We all deserve a couple of days of relaxation or exploration (which makes us happy), whenever we find an opportunity and there is always a reason to achieve this with long journeys and many expenses. Make yourself a gift. Make your every day special.