I will not lie, one day in Vienna is not enough to say that you have seen even the basics. One day in Vienna is enough just to say I MUST COME AGAIN and spend at least three days in this imperial capital that smells of hot chocolate and art, art, art. But since my road took me for 24 hours to Vienna I will tell you how I spent them!

To begin with, you go to Vienna with a full wallet. Yes it is an expensive city BUT of these expensive cities that compensate you as there is quality in everything. I was amazed at how neat and clean it was like a city but also how safe I felt even when I was walking around at night. Yes you guessed it, another city I went to solo and now I highly recommend it, especially to women looking for safe destinations.

Vienna is a historic city that roars that it has been a center of thought and culture throughout Europe and has given the world personalities such as Beethoven, Mozart, Freud and Klimt, among others. But beyond that, Vienna is a vibrant city, with urban neighborhoods, awesome street art and vibrant nightlife, and of course one of the most beloved Christmas destinations with unforgettable markets.

How did i end up there?

But let’s start from the beginning. February 2020, a few days before the appearance of Covid19 in Greece and I did what would finally be my last trip abroad for about 1.5 years. So I first traveled to neighboring Slovakia for the second time to my favorite Bratislava, explored the city of Poprad and the beautiful Tatra Mountains, as I wanted to see the Slovak province, and then took another train to the capital Vienna. I would spend a whole day there until I left back for Corfu.

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Where did i stay?
I was traveling solo so the obvious answer is in a hostel. Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna is one of the largest, oldest and most well-known hostels in Vienna, but it is also noisy, so if you are over 30 or generally a guy who wants peace of mind, it may not be the right choice for you. But it is very lively, it organizes nights of games and music, you can undertake the cooking for all the guests and it is definitely an ideal place to make many and interesting acquaintances with people from all over the world.

“Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and pleases me exceedingly.” Frederic Chopin.

9.00 a.m – Start your day with a walking tour

I will never stop saying that free walking tours, which are organized in every city, are the best way to get a first taste, to learn things about the history of your destination and inside tips from the guides. And of course if you have been to a place for a very short time, you see most of the sights and you also learn basic information. Our tour started at the oldest public park in Vienna, the Stadtpark, designed in the style of English gardens, which spans 28 acres. Scattered throughout the park are statues of famous Viennese artists, writers and composers, including Hans Canon, Emil Jakob Schindler, Johann Strauss II and others.

Next stop is the Hofburg, a former imperial palace of the Hapsburg dynasty which now functions as the residence of the President of Austria. It is located in the center of Vienna and was built in the 13th century.

A landmark of the city is of course the Stephansplatz, with the Cathedral of St. Stephen but also the column of the plague which is considered one of the most exquisite and majestic sculptural compositions of the Austrian capital. It is located in the center of Vienna, on Graben Street.

Other important attractions are the Belvedere Palace, the Schönbrunn Palace, the Rathaus, the Albertina Museum and many, many more. But lets not get tired with other attractions because we do not have time! Let’s go see the next must do.

12.00 p.m – Check Vienna from above

There are countless options for coffee or food in Vienna in shops that offer you wonderful views of the city. I preferred the super stylish Sky Roofgarden, one of the 10 best roof top bars in Vienna, and enjoyed my coffee with the best view.

14.00 p.m – Find the most colorful neighborhood
Take the tram D1 from Stephensplatz and head towards the corner of Kegelgasse 34-38 and Löwengasse 41-43 in the 3rd district of Vienna. There you will find one of the most popular attractions and not unjustly, I personally loved it as ... an Aquarius. The reason for the Hundertwasser House, a colorful and unusual house, in which you will not be able to find even a straight line, but you will find a lot of color and plants.

Also pay a visit to the Hunderwasser Museum, Vienna's 1st "Green Museum", which is located directly opposite and was created as a tribute to Hundertwasser and his pioneering fight for the environment.
16.00 p.m – Enjoy a hot chocolate and try Sachertorte & Apfelstrudel 

Where; Everyone will tell you about the famous and highly historic Cafe Central, where celebrities like Freud and Trotsky once frequented for their daily coffee. But if you’re like me and can not stand the long queues when you have not had your morning coffee, you will be happy to learn that Vienna is full of historical, romantic cafes waiting to be discovered. Our guide’s suggestion, called Cafe Sperl, is in a wonderful neighborhood and you will not have to wait more than ten minutes to get inside. Enjoy.

18.00 – Discover Vienna’s street art

And yet YES, there is and it gives a special note to this otherwise so worthy capital. The “Street Art Passage” is very well known. This tunnel is a kind of Vienna open-air art exhibition at the Museumsquartier, is accessible from the Breite G and is open all hours.

21.00 – Watch an Opera’s show
Is it possible to be in Vienna and not watch a show at the famous Opera? NO. For the Viennese, the Opera is another choice for their Saturday night. Yes, there is a dress code and yes some tickets are quite expensive but for those who do not come prepared, there is another solution. On the side of the Opera House an hour and a half before the show, tickets are available at the price of 10 euros, there is no dress code, but you watch the show standing up from the tallest balcony, where you do not have the best view. If this does not bother you then enjoy your show and one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

Vienna, i hope to see you again soon, for more than just 24 hours!