How to get started: Find very cheap tickets with a well-known low cost airline, throw two clothes in a backpack, do not forget to grab a travel insurance and you are ready for a very interesting weekend in one of the most colorful and picturesque cities in Poland! Let’s see what you can do in 48 hours solo in Poznan!

Poznan is the fifth largest city in Poland (and the first capital of the state if you may) and having now visited several cities in Poland, I can say that it is an ideal choice for someone who wants to visit the country for the first time, or is looking for a destination. less touristy than Warsaw or Krakow.

My own flight from Corfu airport lasted about 2 hours to Poznan airport. Small and relatively close to the city. There are buses that can take you to the city center, but if you want the comfort and safety of a taxi, you will be very happy to know that Poland is a very budget friendly country, so taxis are quite cheap.

Where to stay:

There are some options if you are a hostel fan but unfortunately they are not many. I – after a series of unfortunate events – ended up at the Altus Hotel, which I really do not have enough words to glorify. It’s in a very convenient location (just a 5 minute walk from the Old Town), the rooms are brand new – most with great views – AND it also has a great restaurant (for you who may be tired and just want to grab a bite right there).

48 hours in Poznan. How to spend them:
Poznan is really an IDEAL proposal for a solo traveler, as it is a small, lively and beautiful city, with many attractions, but not so many that you feel that two days were not enough for you to appreciate it. It is a safe city (the slightly drunk Poles who can roam all day and night, it is something you do not escape but they will not create a particular problem for you, apart from irritating you) and very easy to walk around.
Before you even begin:

Try the best schnitzel in Poland. Literally one of the reasons I returned to Poznan for the second time is THIS schnitzel.

Schaboszczak do Dziadka, as it is known to everyone, is a local shop, popular to employees and students. It is located near the old market square and the feeling is really like going to your grandparents’ house for lunch. The dimensions of the schnitzel are legendary (it almost overflows from the plate), it is served with buttered potatoes and cabbage salad and this whole dish costs about 4 euros. Thank me later.

Day One. Get to know Poznan and go sightseeing

Poznan’s Old Town is a real treasure trove of beauty and color. Surround her, get lost in the alleys and make frequent stops for coffee and sweets. When it is 12 noon, wait with the others below the Town Hall to see the goats horning their horns, the most popular custom in the city.

Visit the very interesting museums of the city, such as the Archaeological Museum, located on the Central Square but also a more special one, where you can spend a pleasant two hours, the Croissant Museum. Poznan has its own patented croissant, the so-called “Saint Martin croissant” or Rogal świętomarcińk. You will leave with your own local croissant that you will have made with your own hands, but you will also have learned interesting information about the city. Win – win situation.

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Day two

Start your day in one of the most beautiful cafes in the city, with good coffee and traditional polish breakfast. It is located in one of the malls in the area and you can find it under the name Weranda Lunch & Wine.

Continue with a walk in Cytadel Park, then see Adam Mickiewicz Park to complete a relaxing day in the parks. If you want to add a little history to all this, the Poznan Imperial Palace is of particular interest, outside of which you can find this shocking monument in honor of 3 Poles, graduates of the University of Poznan, who broke the enigma code during the duration of the WW2.

Finish your day at the wonderful Restauracja Bamberka for some delicious pierogis and that’s it it!

And just like that you spent two wonderful days, solo in Poznan!

I am waiting to hear your thoughts!