Hello stranger !

I’m Evita and I can’t imagine my days going by without traveling to a new destination or planning my next adventure! I was born with the traveler’s germ and my heart is somewhere between Greece and Poland, as I have roots in this wonderful country as well!

I was born and raised in Kefalonia, a small Greek island , studied at the Ionian University in the Department of Archive and Museology and got married in Corfu ( another small island) where I have been living for the last 14 years a peaceful island life! Creating this site started about a year ago, in an effort to fill my spare time with something I love and to help anyone interested in traveling to near and far destinations.

Most of the time , i travel with my husband but still enjoy traveling solo once or twice a year , in an effort to clear my mind and spend time with my self. In this blog you will find a good friend with some good travel advise , and of course many secrets of my beloved Corfu.

I hope you enjoy.

…To travel is to live…