Welcome to my blog Evita Travels The World , an idea that took place sometime in 2017 and continues to grow. My name is Evita Voutsina, and in this section I want to talk to you about all the ways we can work together if you are a tourism entrepreneur, hotel owner in and out of Greece or if you have a beautiful and original proposal, which you will I could promote.

At a time when social media is dominating our lives and marketing is now turning its attention to online advertising and especially through travel bloggers, some of the most common ways of working are now digital storytelling, namely viewing stories and photos via personal pages of each blogger you are interested in collaborating with.

If you want to work with me, it means that you like the content of my site and find it in line with your own clientele and way of thinking as a business. As a traveler, I love budget travel and accommodation options with small doses of luxury moments as I consider it to be chosen by most of the public. I also love and promote solo traveling, a growing trend!

If you are a brand or company and want to work with Evita Travels The World here are some ways:

  • Content Creation: Comprehensive articles on the site with real-time photos and details via social media. (If you are a tourist accommodation accommodation costs must be covered and also travel costs ( is some cases .For more details, personal communication is recommended. )
  • Brand Promotion: If you are a brand related to travel equipment, clothing or anything else (as long as I am interested and find it original), Evita Travels The World can host reviews, provided the course has a personal experience with the object / product / service.
  • Familiarization / Press Trips: A trip to get to know and promote a new place, a particular location or in collaboration with local agencies is of course one of the most interesting parts that Evita Travels The World would like to participate in. (Accommodation and travel costs must be covered)
  • Giveaways: Another interesting way to collaborate is giveaways between your business and Evita Travels The World.

I would be happy to hear from you!