Summer friends, get together, in this article I will write about Corfu’s best beaches to explore , how to get there, what to expect and so on! The truth is that almost all, if not all, of the beaches on this island are at least 40 minutes away from the city center. If you haven’t come by car, I suggest renting one as public transport is not that good and you will end up hating both Corfu and me!

Even so , if you wan to use the public transport this a helpful link.


Let’s get started then!


Distance from city center : 50′

It is located on the south end of the island near the village of Agios Matthaios and is the largest beach of the island . We’re actually talking about a strip of sand that stretches between the sea and Lake Korissia, full of dunes, a really special setting. The whole area is nature protected and beyond a very mediocre canteen and some sun loungers you won’t find anything else for drinking or snacks. You can either choose to sit in front of the canteen or – and I suggest – come with the essentials and head to a side of the beach where you will be almost alone and relax.

This beach is well known for its sporting activities as it often raises air and waves, making it ideal for adventure lovers. Don’t get too deep into the sand by car you can get stuck!

Issos Beach

Distance from city center : 40′

Issos beach is probably one of the most unique areas on the island, both for its geological configuration and for its magnificent sunset. It borders and belongs, along with neighboring Halikounas, to the protected area of ​​the Natura of the Korissia lagoon. Arriving, you can admire the cedar forest that extends all the way to Halikouna, and as soon as the sun begins to fall, climb one of the many sand dunes and watch one of the most memorable sunsets of your life.

Secret Paradise- Palaiokastritsa

Distance from city center : 40′

On the side of Paliokastritsa, you will find the most beautiful turquoise waters and one of the most exotic beaches on the island, Chomoi . You can also find it as it is now called Secret Paradise. Arriving at the harbor, board on a boat, or rent your own and overlook one of the most beautiful routes on the island and the clearest but icy waters.

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Porto Timoni

Distance from city center : 1h

Probably the most photographed beach of the island mainly for its natural beauty and peculiarity! Situated between Agios Georgios Pagon and Afionas and besides the slightly tiring path (which will reward you with the most magical view) you can access it by boat.


Saint Gordios

Distance from city center: 30 ‘

Agios Gordios is located on the west coast , pa part of Corfu famous for the beautiful beaches, nestled at the roots of a lush mountain while surrounded by golden-green olive trees and vineyards but also impressive rock clusters. You can go there by a road that starts from Kato Garounas, through the endless rows of golden-green vineyards and tall, typical of Corfu, olive trees and the other road passes next to the picturesque village of Sinarades

Agios Stefanos Avlioton

Distance from city center : 1h’

I left my favorite beach for the end. Quite far but from the city center but definitely worth staying in the car for an hour until you reach St. Stephen of Avlioton. An immense sandy beach, not too full of sun beds, with magnificent shallow water and clay for your daily spa.

Till next time

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