Acropolis Town HouseCo is located in one of the most authentic neighborhoods of Athens and consists of four suites inspired by Greek mythology with names of ancient gods and deities. They are housed in a unique neoclassical building on Kavalloti Street, which is easily reached from the Acropolis Metro Station, just 200 meters away.

For those looking for the perfect location (the Acropolis Museum is just 2 minutes away) and a lively, true neighborhood that will give them pictures of true Athenian daily life , the Acropolis Town HouseCo is the perfect choice.

All rooms have a different style and decor, but share a common purpose, one of absolute relaxation and comfort that they want to offer to the visitor. They consist of a small living room, the master bedroom, a kitchenette (where you will find coffee, drinks and some breakfast snacks) and the toilet .


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Check in is easier than ever . With the codes given to you along with the reservation, you can enter your room at any time of the day and arrive . Under other circumstances, one of the always helpful staff will welcome you and show you around.

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Thank you so much for hosting Teresa and the wonderful Acropolis Town HouseCo. This article is based on my experience and objective view of my stay.

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