In other words, when female entrepreneurship meets fashion and ecological consciousness. At a time when the circular economy seems to be the future, sustainable solutions are taking over and consumers’ consciousness (thankfully) is focusing more than ever on sustainable brands, Nicole and Mirella Misfout are pioneers on the island of Corfu , all over Greece, but also all over the world, creating jewelry of unique beauty from recycled glass.

Circular economy is an economic model that focuses on reducing the waste of resources used in the production process, emphasizing the utilization of renewable resources, the recovery and reuse of products, reducing to zero “waste”.

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Ethics we call a brand that operates in ethical ways not only towards the environment, but also the people who make it up.
ΜiNiMiS is THAT kind of brand

It was consived as an idea in 2013, through the family glassware company Corfu Glass, in which Mirella and Nicole worked at the time, realizing how much volume of glass ended up in the trash. The pre-existing huge waste problem in Corfu and the lack of structures responsible for recycling were two more reasons that prompted Nicole and Mirella to conceive a pioneering business idea which in the process was enriched by the love of girls for fashion. Creative recycling of glass waste and glass bottles into small works of art.

It all started with the leftovers of their factory and some seminars on artistic glass, the technique of in vitro and fusing, the technique of melting glass that finally won the girls. The first experiments with this technique had unexpected positive results and somehow the first glass items were created. Almost by accident, in the context of the experiments, the girls melted bottles, thus opening a completely new chapter in the course of their idea. Jewelry was added to house items, one creation followed the other, the first inauguration of MiNiMiS took place and the idea received so many positive reviews and support from the people, which gave exactly the impetus needed to create a physical store in the city’s center.

Welcome to MiNiMiS

The physical store of MiNiMiS has been located on Eugeniou Voulgareos Street since 2015. You will see from afar the glass creations, the always impressive showcases, but also the discreet “container”, in which you can leave your bottle to turn it into a work of art.

Inside the stylish MiNiMiS concept store, the creations are separated by color, depending on the bottles that have been used. Transparent jewelry from ouzo bottles, wine oil, turquoise from Bombay gin bottles, green and brown from beer bottles and dark blue from carbonated water. Wonderful earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are waiting to be worn and create impressions but also a large collection of useful items to decorate your home.

The nature, the city of Corfu, the buildings but also the images that are created throught the changes of the seasons become stimuli and poles of inspiration for the designs of MiNiMiS that present collections with names like Bridges, Nautilus, Rocks etc. Each piece is unique and highly impressive, ideal for people who choose their markets to have a purpose and to hide a short story.

Getting to know Nicole and Mirella Misfout

Let’s learn a few things about the girls behind MiNiMiS. You were born and raised in Corfu and somewhat “predetermined” you found yourself in your family business. Did you study anything related?

N: In Greece, with the current Education system, it is a bit vague, what you want to do as an 18-year-old and somehow I studied Business Administration with the aim of working in our family business, as I did from 2010 onwards. It may not have interested me at first, but in the process, and even more so after the creation of MiNiMis, I realized that I had made a good choice.

M: I have studied to be a Kindergarten Teacher, something completely different since while I had tried to join our craft, it was not something that kept me going. In the process, however, everything changed.

What are your “roles” in your brand?

M: We are both present in all phases, from design to sale. Especially in design, we complete each other since we have different styles and ideas.

What is your favorite piece or your favorite collection?

M: My favorite collection, I think is boho

N: Πραγματικά δεν μπορώ να ξεχωρίσω κάποιο κομμάτι, αλλά κατασκευαστικά, σίγουρα έχει πολύ ενδιαφέρον η Tangram συλλογή που αποτελείται απο κοσμήματα φτιαγμένα απο θραύσματα γυαλιού.

What is your best seller?

N: Our favorite finistrini of course!

What were your first creations?

N: The first item I created was a platter!

M: I did a floor lamp!

What are your future plans?

M: Our most immediate plans are to move to the wholesale, to soon find our jewelry in various stores throughout Greece and the longer term are of course other MiNiMiS stores! Most important of all, do we want thinking people to stop allowing products to become waste after their use and instead re-enter a creative production cycle or why not? To be an inspiration for other creators who have beautiful ideas that are environmentally friendly! Sustainability is the future!

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