If you find yourself in Frankfurt , Germany and claim to be a museum freak then you couldn’t be in a better city in the world ! Frankfurt loves museums , that is why there are almost 60 of them , waiting for your visit!  Entrance tickets are quite pricey but on the other hand totally worth it! I couldn’t visit all of them but I can recommend the ones I really loved! Lets go!

Goethe House & Museum:

The house where Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born and raised is located in a very central spot , near the Romer Square , it is a beautiful old three floored mansion , that has now become a museum , and apart from the impressive library , is also home to many works of art. Just a shame not to visit!



Frankfurt Zoo και Botanical Gardens :

Frankfurt Zoo is one of the oldest in Europe ( open since 1858 ) , and hosts more than 500 hundred species of wildlife and more that 4.500 animals in open parks. The Botanical Garden was found in 1868 with more than 6.000 different kinds of plants , in a an impressive complex of open theme gardens and greenhouses . Truth is , i don’t really know how to feel about Zoos but i have to mention it , and after all it is your choice!


Stadel Museum:

Weather you are an actual art fun , or just one of this guys that just stare at paintings and pretend to like this whole idea Stadel Museum of Art is probably a museum you have to visit as it is considered to be one the most important galleries in the world. Presenting beautiful works of art from the 14nth century on , including masterpieces of Picasso , Rubens , Botticelli among others. Entrance fee is about 16 euro and since it is well know throughout Europe , i believe it deserves your visit.


Νatural History Museum Senckenberg:

This enormous natural history museum is by far my all time favorite so far! You are being presented , with the most impressive way the evolution of mankind , from the early days of the planet , from the prehistoric era until now! Bing Bang , Egyptian Mummies , Solar System , they are all presented and explained in this amazing museum. And last but not least , Senckenberg Natural History Museum has the largest Dinosaur Collection in the whole world! Be prepared to spend more than four hours in this extremely interesting Museum!


Modern Art Museum

Modern Art Museum is housed in a emblematic building and hosts a rich collection of postwar art , from 1960 and on.


Film Museum

Seven of Frankfurt’s museums are on the opposite side of the river Main , so that means a lot of walking and crossing beautiful bridges. This particular museum , we discovered it by chance but it sounded so interesting that we had to enter! It was a totally right choice , we spent some hours in this interactive museum that presented the evolution of cinema throughout the years. You could even make your own short film!


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