You will fall in love with Warsaw , this i can guarantee. Not because i am half Polish , neither because Warsaw is basically my second home ( my grandma, uncle and aunt live there , hey Ira <3 ) , but because Warsaw is a unique European capital with great diversities  ideal destination for everyone! The new side of the city has nothing less than other big capitals , old town is taken straight out of a fairy tale and somewhere there , grey communist blocks of buildings , create strange , kind of industrial vibes . All these different aspects combined ,  create the beautiful Warsaw.

WATCH OUT : If you plan some wild parties and clubbing all night long situations , book yourself a flight to somewhere else. Warsaw is quite calm at night. People of Warsaw have not gotten yet totally into the tourism industry , which frankly is a good thing. There are no crowds , bargains and offers , no tourist traps. Warsaw is what you see. It is real polish life out there.

Accommodation is really affordable , even in the old town center , so make sure you find yourself a really cute apartment  with the perfect view and feel the vibe! I should suggest visiting from May until October if you want to see the best of Poland , without having to walk around in the cold. And trust me it can get very cold. Three to four days are perfect to explore Warsaw and if you have some days to spear , get on a train and go to Krakow , just 2.5 hours away!

Lets see now what you have to do , if you ever find your self in the Polish capital , other than eat pierogi until you die.

Wander around the old town and visit the Royal Palace

Poland’s capital was bombed and totally destroyed during the WW2 but due to the strong will and effort of the polish people , Warsaw ‘s center was rebuilt from scratch according to the precise  way it looked. Old Town is now a World Heritage Sight  , building with baroque style and a romantic aura , impressing squares , ideal place for a hot chocolate and a colorful photo. Don’t forget to visit the Royal Place , it is quite interesting.

Visit at least one museum dedicated to the WW2

You are in the country that was most damaged from the WW2 and the German Occupation. Poland was the first country to be hit by the German forces ( in corporation with the Russians) in 1939 , and the country that had the most casualties . More than 5 to 6 millions of polish people , mostly Jews were killed in and out of concentration camps , and if you don’t get to visit Auschwitz , at least go to a freaking museum and get informed .

I visited and can highly recommend those two.

Feed a squirrel at Jazenki Park

It could easily be my all time favorite park in Europe so far. It is a vast , beautiful park full of monumets and impressing buildings , such as the summer Palace of King Stanislav August , Chopin’s statue , an Egyptian temple , a water tower and many more. You can easily spend more than an afternoon in this unique park just strolling around , having a snack , feeding the ducks and the most famous residents of this park , the extra cute squirrels! They are so familiar with people , you can actually feed them from your hand! Without a doubt the best moment of my trip 🙂

Try some polish specialties

Other than well known pierogi , polish kitchen has so much more to offer , it is a cuisine full of soups , so Zurek for me is a total must! In its way, żurek—pronounced “zhurek”—is the most humble of all Polish soups, and at the same time the most exotic, at least to the foreign palate. It has traditionally been eaten at Easter, but now is found on menus all year-round. Żurek can be thin and delicate or hearty, stuffed with chunks of ham, sausage, and potatoes—in which case it is really an entire meal. Give it a try!

Sernik . One word , millions of feelings. My favorite dessert in the whole world and Poland’s most common dessert to serve at home or restaurants. You can find it with different toppings but same curd cheese filling , a cheese you can only find in Poland. Don’t you dare forget to try it

Play like a kid in the Copernicus Science Center

If you have some hours to spear , energy and passion for physics and science and especially if you are traveling with kids , I really , really recommend this place! It is a fun way to spend hours playing and discovering the world but bare in mind to book your tickets in advance online otherwise you ‘ll end waiting in line for an hour like we did!

Find more info and book your tickets HERE

Last minute Tips People!

Discover the coziest , most cute cafe in Warsaw , make sure you find a good table on the upper floor next to the window and enjoy the best coffee and sernik you will ever find in the old town. There is a new special dessert every day , so you never get bored! Check more here:  To Lubie.

A gorgeous bistro , located in the center of the old town stole my heart with its unique decor and super delicious food and cocktails ( even if it is freezing outside ) . You can also visit during the day and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Find more info here. Karmnik

I do have to mark out one restaurant you should NOT go for any reason and that is Podwale Kompania Piwna ,   Just don’t.

Warsaw is a value for money destination. You will have a great stay in wonderful affordable hotels and apartments , eat more than well , experience everything that this capital has to offer , and all that without spending a fortune! Just one minor little thing a forgot to mention is that Warsaw  people are not that English- speaking friendly. Learn a few basics , you ll find them more than handy!