If you think that Greece is just blue and white islands , sandy beaches and crystal clear waters , then you are totally wrong , since this small country i call home has some amazing towns all over! I got to visit Preveza twice this year , once during August and then again in November and it quickly became one of my favorite spots in Greece for spring and summer vacations . This is a blog post about why you should also have a day trip to Preveza!

It was such a big surprise to me , when i realized what a vivid and colorful place Preveza was , during the summertime and then again in my second visit in November when i saw a totally different version of the town. You can take all these beautiful pics , with no other people getting in your way and experience a calmer version of the town.

Preveza is located at the very end of Epirus , it has a very important port and big coastline full of beautiful beaches and camping sites all the way down from Parga to Preveza. Lefkada is only half an hour away , so if you can’t find cheap accommodation but still want to visit this amazing island , Preveza can be the ideal base for your excursions.

Preveza TO DO

You can just get lost in the colorful alleys and watch all the details of the buildings . Sit in a table and eat like crazy the most delicious and cheap food. Walk around the port and admire the sailing boats . Discover all three of Preveza’s castles ( St. George’s , St. Andrea’s  and Pantokratoras ) all built during the Ottoman occupation.

Take a photo of the most know landmark of Preveza , the Venetian Clock Tower ( 1789) , a lovely tower that also has a solar clock and it’s located next to St. Charalampos Church. Discover all the best beaches , such as Monolithi . Walk to the most famous alley of Preveza , Seitan Pazar , a colorful street full of people , restaurants and cafes and locate the house of Kariotakis , a very beloved Greek poet that actually and sadly killed himself in Preveza.

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If you are a total history freak , don’t miss the Ancient Nikopolis , an ancient city built by  Octavianus August in order to please the gods after the Romans won the battle of Aktio in 33 B.C.

Evita’s Tips:

  • Try some fresh fish at Amvrosios restaurant.
  • Find some tasty local dishes at Alatopipero.
  • Have an amazing cocktail at Botiglia Sto Pelagos and admire the extraordinary decor of this bar.
  • Don’t visit during the August , it gets super crowded , remember early July and September is the best time to visit any part of GREECE.