A few words about Porto

Perhaps one of the most colorful cities I have ever been to , the “relaxing town” of Portugal, Porto has something indefinite that makes it unique and has kept a piece from the heart of anyone who has visited it. Could be the colorful buildings, the river that offers you one of the most beautiful sunsets or the general calmness and relaxation of it whatever it is, I only think about the time i will come back!

I found myself in Porto in April 2017. Our flight through Milan lasted about three hours and when we arrived it was evening and it was rainning. Porto Airport is one of the best in Europe, located about 15 km outside of the city and the very convenient metro just outside, took us to less than an hour at our Faria De Guimaraes station with less than 2 euros . There is also a bus that can take you to the city but I do not recommend it as well as being more expensive than it is more time consuming.

When we arrived in our airbnb, Carlos was waiting for us with a big smile ready to show us all of his town’s secrets. The apartment was perhaps the most beautiful one I’ve ever had, so vintage decorated that looked like an ad (if you want home information, send me an email). He sent us in a nearby neighborhood tavern, where we finally ended up eating almost all of the days we stayed in Porto (Churrasqueira Paraiso)

Get to know Porto

I want you to imagine the city of Porto, built on a hill that ends up in the Douro River and our home on top of the hill. I also want you to imagine our calves how they hurt after a week climbing and descending downhill (of course there is a metro so do not be afraid). On the first day we started downhill and explore the city, a first acquaintance with the architecture of Portugal and on those first moments , this insurmountable love I feel about this city was born. A city full of colors and azulejos, the ornate tiles that adorn the city’s buildings. Every building presents another story.

 The city of Porto has about 300,000 inhabitants, it is the second largest city in the country and its harbor has been an important commercial station since the 15th century. It was a great shipbuilding center since 1600 and then becomes even more famous for its wonderful wine while the Renaissance period is characterized as the most important for the development of the city! It has now retained a baroque charm and beauty. It is suitable for long-term seafood meals and many glasses of wine overlooking the River Douro. 

Sightseeing Porto

Praça da Liberdade

The largest and probably the most famous square of Porto is Liberdade Square. Taking the metro and stopping at Aliados you will find yourself there in less than 3 minutes.

Sao Bento Train Station

Even if you do not have to travel by train for somewhere, this station is by far the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. While outside is simply a beautiful building, what impresses is its front room, whose walls are covered with 20,000 azulejos in blue and white shades. In the tiles, it depicts the history of transport, as well as historical battles and artistic depictions of the 14th century. It took , the creator Jorje Colaco about 11 years to complete this work!

Porto’s Churches

The churches I met in Porto were frankly unique in their architecture and colors, they were works of art. The most famous church of Porto, Igreja Do Carmo / Carmelitas, is actually two different churches that are divided by the smallest house I’ve ever seen (see the second photo, is this little green door!)

Another beautiful church standing at the top of an uphill and overlooking the city is Igreja Dos Clerigos, which also has the tower of the same name (you can buy a ticket and climb uphill), is the work of the Italian Nicolau Nasoni and indeed one of the most famous attractions of Porto.

Ribeira Do Douro

All this beautiful route ends on the River Douro, where most people gather to make a walk, drink wine and admire the bridge that connects Porto side with the opposite Gaia bank . Choose one of the restaurants that are located in the parallel just behind the river as they are less touristy and of course eat plenty of fish as it is fresh and super cheap!

The Dom Luís I bridge is an attraction that will remain indelible in your memory. It is the bridge that connects the city of Porto with Vila Nova de Gaia, while its top is for pedestrians. It is one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe and the most beautiful of Porto’s six. It was built in 1886 by Teófilo Seyrig, student of Gustave Eiffel.

Vila Nova De Gaia

Passing on the opposite side of Vila Nova De Gaia from the bridge, take the cable car (2.5 euros) to go down to the river bank where most wine cellars of the famous Port wine are located . A tour in one of these is mandatory. We chose the well-known Sandeman and enjoyed two very nice wines overlooking the river and the sunset. Magical moment!


As long as you are on the river, take the tram and head to the Atlantic Ocean, and in particular the Foz do Douro. Before the lighthouses, walk along the beautiful street Passeio Alegre full of palms, and then enjoy the vastness of the ocean, from where many great explorers started their journey!

Livraria Lello

For all the librarians out there and bookstore lovers, Porto has one of the most beautiful libraries in Europe Livraria Lello . Inspired the author of the well-known Harry Potter, J.K Rowling, the design of Hogwarts! Some of the chapters of her books were written here when the writer lived in Porto and specifically at Cafe Majestic, perhaps the city’s most famous cafe, always with huge waiting queues (I did not think it worth the trouble to wait to just drink an expensive coffee, I took my photo out of its objectively beautiful interior and I left!)

Visit the Porto FC Stadium

It is definitely a special experience to find yourself in such a large stadium as Estadio Do Dragao of the Porto FC team even if you are not a football fan . It is the third largest in Portugal with a capacity of about 50,000 spectators.

Try the local specialties

Cod in Portugal is much more than a formal choice for the Portuguese people as they cook two-to-three-weekly cod dishes in many different versions. Another famous dish is, francesinha, a highly cholesterol but delicious dish! It consists of bread, sausage, a slice of pork steak, egg, melted cheese and tomato / beer sauce. The most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life.

Visit the beautiful park Parque da Cidade

All of the remarkable European cities also have THE park, which is usually vast, green with small ponds and activities for both young and old. Of course, Porto is one of them, so since you have arrived near the Atlantic it is only a short walk until you reach the Parque da Cidade and spend a relaxed day.


AVEIRO. Just an hour away you will find this small, colorful town that although you will see it advertised as “Venice”, Portugal, due to some small channels available, do not expect a striking resemblance. It is beautiful, but it has nothing to do with the Italian city.

Read more about Aveiro HERE

COIMBRA. You will find a unique medieval atmosphere in this small town that has been the capital of Portugal from 1139 until 1260. It has one of the oldest universities throughout Europe, founded in 1290 and is a very lively student camp. The first week of May , the student festival “Queima das Fitas” marks the end of the academic year with concerts, parades and festivals.

Till we see each other again Porto , remember that i love you <3