A small intro

It started as a classic trip to our favorite Zagorochoria. Of course, this time it was more like an escape from the island on the 15th of August. We would “take” the mountains in a few words to escape the crowds and the heat. The idea for rafting in Voidomatis has been on the table for the last few days on a moment of sudden adventurous spirit. And no, we’re not very adventurous. Fortunately, Via Natura was there for us.

Some of an email exchange and some phone calls, we booked a date and gave a meeting point for the next day. So excited!

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Rafting day

Via Natura’s guys greeted us at the meeting point and there in the car we met the crazy four-member family that would be our company on the way! Arriving in Voidomatis, we put on our appropriate equipment, received our instructions and finally got on the boat!

The route we would follow would be this one, from the bridge of Aristi to the bridge of Klidonia, lasting about an hour and with difficulty of just 1. This means that this route is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and fitness and regardless of whether you have come with your partner or with your whole family.

It was August , the river did not have a strong flow so we quickly managed to defecate the instructions, although this route is honestly very easy and theoretically ideal for an initial acquaintance with the rafting part. Vassilis, our teacher for the day, in addition to the instructions he gave us about rafting, introduced us to his place, Zagorochoria, as we crossed the river and admired the unique beauty of the place.

Tip:If you are brave enough, you are free to dive into the icy waters of Voidomatis, an experience that I really recommend.


” Via Natura organizes and implements various sports outdoor activities, in carefully selected locations in the area of ​​Tzoumerka, Zagori. Either you are just interested in enjoying an outdoor party or even learning about local history, nature, mythology and culture. “

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