It is in the crossroads where Epirus, Thessaly and Macedonia meet. It is worth making a short trip to Kozani, since it hides many beauties even though it is frankly a classic city of cement, like many others. Are you read to take a short trip to Kozani?

The artificial lake of the Polyphytos dam on the Aliakmonas river is located at 27 km southeast of Kozani. The lake is crossed by one of the largest bridges in our country, the High Bridge of Serbs, with a length of 1,372 meters! There I suggest you make a stop for coffee at the Kozani Nautical Club overlooking the lake and the village of Neraida.

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Kozani’s to do list
The Historical center
Begin your visit with a walk in the Historic Center of Kozani. You will find many beautifully restored mansions, neoclassical and pedestrian streets. Symbol of the city is the metropolitan church of Agios Nikolaos, built in 1664 with its impressive bell tower.

👉 Coffee stop:

On the first floor of the Hotel Ermionio, you can have a good coffee and enjoy the view of the city. You will distinguish the building from afar as it stands out architecturally from the rest of the city image. It was built in 1931-32 for hotel use and is one of the few examples of urban architecture in Kozani, with influences from Thessaloniki and abroad. Its interior is extremely impressive.

Koventareios Library

Our walk in Kozani continues. For books and history lovers, Koventareios Library of Kozani is an absolute must. Initially it impresses architecturally (it is more reminiscent of a library that we would find in a city abroad) however, its high tech appearance is combined in a unique way with its huge historicity. It is also one of the largest libraries in Greece and the Balkans.
The history of the library begins in the 17th century when the city of Kozani, due to its location, developed into a spiritual and commercial center of the wider Balkan region. The Kozani parishioners, scholars and merchants found a school and organized a school library in their homeland, which evolved after many adventures and changes in the current municipal library.
Other points of interest are the Folklore Museum of Kozani and the Archaeological Museum of Kozani. In the basement of the second you will find a small cave with stalactites and stalagmites.

👉Food stop:

We tried and recommend Strada (Mourati 4, Kozani 501 00 Greece) for classic Mediterranean flavors. Approved!
Τake a day trip to Velvento

Once you are done with your walk in Kozani, what would you say about an excursion? A wonderful excursion from Kozani is the traditional village of Velvento. The settlement, with preserved buildings of Macedonian architecture in its historic center, presented economic and spiritual prosperity during the years of Ottoman rule. You can walk around its beautiful alleys and visit the Folklore Museum to learn more about the place. Walk in the wonderful nature in “Skepasmeno”, with a waterfall, ponds, plane tree forest and picturesque paths.

Have fun!