Summer is slowly coming to an end. Temperatures are droping (slowly but surely) and autumn is approaching. For all of us who are looking for an occasion to travel, what better reason than to see our Greece dressed in autumn shades? If you are looking for inspiration, here are my favorite autumn destinations in Greece, for a quick getaway!


And who does not love this city that is so beautifully embraced by Lake Pamvotida? One of my favorite cities in Greece, which I have visited more than 5 times and I never get bored. There you will find liveliness, very good food and of course a lake that depending on the seasons gives a different beauty to the already romantic city.

Take a boat trip to the island of Ali Pasha, try excellent food in Mystagogia, get lost in the traditional neighborhood in Kastropolitia and have a coffee in the special Arte Povera. Do not miss to visit the Cave of Perama.

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Autumn destinations in Greece continue with the small and picturesque Metsovo. It is a classic autumn and winter destination of Epirus for those who love relaxation and good food. Built amphitheatrically, this traditional stone settlement remains unchanged over time, offering its visitors unique images.

If you visit it in autumn, you can take a walk in the square, visit the Evangelos Averof Gallery and the mansion of Mikhail Tositsa, which houses the Museum of Folk Art of the Mainland and together the entire folklore history of Metsovo in the 18th century.

The smells will capture your nose from the morning hours, when the meats are put on the spit (a stop at 5F is necessary) and of course do not forget to try the local metsovone and metsovela cheeses.


A complex of villages of unique architectural beauty is located just 1.5 hours from Ioannina and promises not to leave anyone unmoved. Stone villages, some calmer and others more cosmopolitan, excellent food and a feeling of warmth is what you will meet and fall in love with. Vikos Gorge is the top sight of the area.

Many villages, of which the most famous are Aristi, Monodentri, Tsepelovo, Mikro and Megalo Papigo, but also many more, each of which hides its own secrets. If you come by car do not forget to explore them.

If you are a relaxation type of person, book a warm room and enjoy the tranquility of the place. If you are a more active type, in Zagorochoria you will find a variety of activities, from simple hiking in nature, to rafting and horseback riding by the rivers.


Probably the most high tech city in Greece. Trikala has its eyes on the future, offering excellent services to its citizens, trying every new European program, while preserving and promoting the local culture. Take a tour of the old town and take a photo by the river Litheos that divides the city in two, and visit the Museum of Vassilis Tsitsanis and the Municipal Folklore Museum.

In the districts of Varousi and Manavika you will find magnificent mansions of another era, beautiful taverns, a lot of life and do not forget to find the characteristic mural in Manavika created by foreign artists who best rendered the everyday life of an old popular neighborhood.

A day trip to near by Meteora is a must


Another beautiful city in Greece that has a lake and extra romantic vibes. The reason for Kastoria, a city with a long history and many secrets waiting for you to discover. Begin your exploration by taking a tour of Lake Orestiada, and of course do not miss to visit the Dragon Cave with its seven underground lakes and ten rooms.

Explore the traditional Dolcho district and make a stop at the Folklore Museum. If you are looking for the absolute view of the city then go up to the church of Profitis Ilias or continue even higher until the hill of Agios Athanasios.

Tip: Visit Nestorio, a small near by village

Which one wiil you choose?