It started as a family hobby and became one of the “delicious”, sweet and recognized brands of the island. The reason for “Tou meliou to panigiri”, the Demertzoglou family and more specifically Vasia and Angelos who are behind this sweet business and create the honey from Corfu that you will surely love.

We met with Angelos and Vasia so i can learn more about their business, products and their vision and what I saw were two young siblings with plenty of love for Corfu, passion for perfection and many dreams for their business. Through their sweet project, their goal is not only to stand out and make people love their products, but to highlight the whole island of Corfu.

A background story

Angelos and Vasia grew up in Bavaria, close to nature and although they started for other directions, eventually, as they say, “the bees chose them”. They returned to Corfu, and when the honey they produced as a family for personal use, began to expand from the circle of acquaintances and friends, they realized through the love of the people and the positive feedback they received, that they were holding in their hands a product that had all the specifications to turn into a successful business.

Always guided by quality, Vasia and Angelos focused on the production of honey and derivatives and from 2016 began to work systematically, add products to their production and distribute their goodies in various parts of the island and beyond. They also export their products to foreign countries, such as Germany and Ireland.

“Tou Meliou to Panigiri” produces:
  • Flower Honey (full of aroma) – Forest Honey (rich in nutrients) Thyme Honey
  • Oregano Honey – Kumaro Honey (ideal for diabetics)
  • Royal Jelly, pollen, propolis tincture and dry propolis
  • Beeswax Cream
  • Delicious Pastels

And many more that are yet to come…

Their products can be found in over 200 points of sale throughout the island and even if you think you have not been in front of them … well think again! Their honey is found in many restaurants, cafes, patisseries and is used for the production of special dishes, sweets and even cocktails! Many collaborations have also been made with other well-known local brands, with which they have combined their products creating delicious results!

Distinctions and awards

“Tou Meliou to Panigiri” may be a relatively new brand, but it has managed to attract excellent reviews and awards in international competitions in Italy and England, making Corfu known outside the borders of Greece. At the Great Taste International Food Competition in London in 2019, they won the important distinction / award of the two stars on their label.

Future Plans

They are many and include from an accessible place for anyone who wants to learn more about honey production to the creation of many more products with flavors and aromas of Corfu. Vasia and Angelos did not want to reveal many of their future plans but rest assured that we will hear from them soon.

To find out the point of sale closest to you you can call the following phone number or send a message to their social media pages.

Tou Meliou to Panigiri,

Melissokomiki Demertzoglou

Agios Ioannis, Corfu

Phone: 6979837375

👉 Facebook: Του μελιού το πανηγύρι

👉Instagram: @tou_meliou_to_panigiri