Who can argue that Corfu is one of the most photogenic and most photographed places of Greece? The Italian elegance of the Old Town in combination with its wonderful architecture and its turquoise waters compose the perfect setting for the perfect photo! So as an (almost) Corfiot girl, it’s time to share with you my favorite instagrammable spots of the island, so open Google Maps and take notes!

Disclaimer: Corfu really is a place where every corner can be considered and is highly photogenic, so these are some, only SOME of the places I love and stand out!

Let’s do dis!

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Corfu Town

Whichever part of Corfu you choose for your stay, your road should definitely take you to the city center. The Old Town of Corfu along with the two fortresses is a Monument of Cultural Heritage of UNESCO and is the only Greek city of this size that keeps intact almost all of its historic residential fabric, with buildings of the 17th – 19th century.

Start your photography walk from the famous Liston Square as early as possible. The square is flooded with people drinking their coffee, so to get the perfect shot, make sure you are in the Square at least before 09.00. Afterwards, head to the so-called Palace or Palace of Saints Michael and George, where the Museum of Asian Art is housed and after visiting it continue to the back where the so-called Garden of the People is located. In my opinion, there you will take some of the most beautiful shots!

But the largest square in the Balkans hides other secrets as well! At Spianada Square, there are exquisite architectural monuments, such as the sculptures of the “Union of the Ionian Islands”, each of which symbolizes an island. Beyond the fountain, towards the end of the square, is the Maitland peristyle with 20 Ionic columns.

If you are not bored of some walking, enter the Old Fortress and climb to the top of the so-called Cross. You will enjoy the most wonderful view and of course you will take the most instagrammable photo.

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The cantons with the laundry or “bougades” hanging, the kittens and the vintage inscriptions. You can take a wonderful photo in literally every “kantouni”, however I will tell you some of my favorite spots. Now if you will find them is another matter, but I did share 😆. So start from Kremasti Square (you will find it easily if you look for the Venetian Pigadi restaurant), one of the colorful squares of the island. The whole area of ​​Campiello also has wonderful and some of the older cantons and the famous “canton of Bizis”

If you are a book and special bookstores’ lover in general, you can also head to the historic and MUST SEE Plous Bookstore and after buying your book, drink a coffee in its wonderful courtyard (taking an amazing photo, of course).

Do you think you won’t find a more urban side in the Old Town of Corfu? You’re wrong! Head to Tenedos to discover this awesome graffiti and pose in front of it:

Outside the city

Corfu without Mouse Island, is it possible? Surely not. Head with your vehicle or bus to Kanoni area and the cafe of the same name and take a great photo from above with the church of Vlacherina and “Pontikonissi” in the background and then get off to walk around the church.

Pro tip: On the small bridge that you will see near the church, you can stand up and see the planes take off and land almost over your head as the airport is very close by!

Rest of the island

Not far from the center, is the village of Pelekas, one of the most beautiful villages of Corfu. I suggest you walk it and then make your way to the Kaizer Observatory for a super Instagrammable shot.

Best sunset

Opinions differ on this topic, however I will tell you my favorite spot which is none other than the beach of Issos with its distinct sand dunes that give even more magic to get the perfect shot!

Find the jungle!

Or to find it more easily, in the garden of the Panorama Notos Restaurant. A truly tropical area, full of banana trees, greenery and many hammocks to relax while enjoying a cold beer or your food at the restaurant. And of course before you leave, take a great photo that will leave all your friends wondering if you were really in Corfu or some exotic island!

It’s Palaiokastritsa time!

Arguably the bluest waters of Corfu, so hire a boat and discover many of the area’s hidden beaches while taking some seriously impressive shots!

Porto Timoni

If you are in the mood to go down the slopes of Afionaw and find yourself in front of a magical sight, then put on good shoes and start! Porto Timoni is considered one of the most beautiful but also quite inaccessible beaches of the island, but it rewards you even more! Don’t forget to take a great photo before you get to the beach.

Bamboo forest in Corfu?

Oh there is! Dear friend and explorer @emelys_footprints led me to this tropical paradise that I didn’t even know existed but it’s true! It is located in the village of Kavalouri, behind the church. Prepare to be enchanted.

I wish you all “great shootings” always with love and respect for my island!

Have fun,


A huge thank you to the super talented friend Teresa. Most clicks are hers. You can follow her here @tereza_stravoravdi