The truth is that before I discovered Amarantos Steam Baths completely by accident, looking at the map, I had never heard of them. We are not talking about springs that gush hot water but about cracks in rocks through which hot air comes out. Are you in shock? And i also have to tell you that they are also the only ones of their kind in Europe. But let’s start from the beginning.

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Let’s hit the road!

It all started on a boring Wednesday at the office, when OBVIOUSLY like any reasonable traveler, I was looking for villages and attractions on google maps and near Konitsa I came across the Amarantos Thermal Baths. The next move was to look for accommodation and a few weeks later, on the October 28th holiday, we were driving to Amarantos.

The village of Amarandos is located on the Greek-Albanian border at an altitude of 1,100 meters, about half an hour outside of Konitsa. The route is beautiful, amidst the greenery and tranquility of our mountains and the roads are in a relatively good condition.

Arriving at the village, you can take a walk and explore it but I warn you that it is almost deserted. There is a coffee shop to stop at, but that’s about it, at least during the time we visited at the end of October.

Continuing the route and about ten minutes later, you will reach the Village of Amarantos Steam Baths, which is located at an altitude of 1260m. It consists of a beautiful Square, some guesthouses, some shops for food and coffee and of course the Steam Baths.

The wonderful view and how calm and close to nature you will feel, is somethings I cannot describe to you in words. When you go you will understand me.

Where to stay

We chose to stay at the Konitsa Thermal Center complex. It consists of the “Amarantos Steam Baths”, the traditional guest house “Salvia” and the restaurant “To Petrino”. The rooms were very clean, affordable and with a great view, while the owner Mr. Ziakos and those who worked, both in the guest house and in the restaurant they were welcoming and smiling all the time, so I highly recommend it!

The place is a magnet for hikers and climbers, and of course visitors of the steam baths, so on weekends there is plenty of life in the settlement. You can take your walk in the nature that surrounds it and if you have good shoes and an appetite, you can follow a beautiful climbing route to the top of Kamenik (2042 m.) of Grammos. The route is about 9 kilometers long and most of it moves between meadows and the wooded slopes of the mountain. The location of the peak played an important role during the Civil War, and some of the deadliest battles of that period were fought there.

Where to eat:

In the settlement we tried the restaurant “To Petrino” and also the restaurant of Chalet Ziakos and we were very pleased with the traditional flavors they offered us!

Time for some Steam Baths

They work with the natural use of warm air channeled from the interior of the earth making them the only steam baths of their kind in Europe. The temperature inside the rooms ranges from 33-38 °C while the humidity depends on the degree of mixing with the ambient air it is 97-100%.

So basically imagine a space where you can have a sauna and at the same time enjoy all the beneficial properties of the warm air that comes from the earth. Steam rooms are ideal for people suffering from skin conditions, respiratory problems, rheumatism and so much more!

The facilities are located within walking distance of the settlement, about 5 minutes on foot. You can go on foot or with your vehicle. We saw quite a few people walking to and from the steam rooms in their bathrobes and slippers, so feel free to bring your own!

The steam baths consist of two rooms with a capacity of 2 people each with their bathroom and a larger space that can accommodate up to 20 people. Entering the hall, we took off our clothes, put on our bathing suits and entered the room where we stayed for about 30 minutes, sweating and enjoying the nature from our window. Coming out we felt refreshed and with the softest skin ever!

The truth is that the honorable efforts of the locals, the love they have for their place and the steam baths must be combined with many improvements in the area of ​​facilities. The experience is truly unique, it could be better overall.

You can combine your visit with excursions to the nearby Mastorochoria!