In the last year we had several very interesting new openings in the city of Corfu and i just couldn’t not prepare something relevant for you. In this article I have collected some new shops that have opened their doors on our island – in “kantounia” and not only – where you can enjoy excellent coffee, tasty suggestions for breakfast, brunch and light meals as well as fine drinks and cocktails for your evenings walks.

So what is new? Let’s start in alphabetical order!

Cali Bistrotheque

The newest addition to the city – it opened its doors just a month ago – goes by the name of Cali Bistrotheque. With a name inspired by Colombia (and of course similar style), it opened in order to bring an air of renewal to the busy Georgaki Square. Offering excellent coffee, a wide variety of breakfast, brunch and meal options for you who are on the go, it is a new all day spot in the city. At the same time, you can also visit it in the evening and drink your wine in the evening accompanied by special musical selections.

Choose your table, either inside the cozy space or outside in the square where you can feel the vibrancy of the city and choose between many sweet and savory options such as delicious pancakes, omelettes and egg-based dishes, healthy tortillas and cool yogurt bowls and of course lots of sandwiches. If, on the other hand, the road takes you to Cali Bistrotheque at lunchtime, don’t hesitate to accompany your wine with a plate of tasty pasta or a juicy burger!

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📍Lavrediou Vrokini 6, nu 2661 022144

Chàvez Cafeteria Drinkeria

Look no further, Chàvez Cafeteria Drinkeria is the new reference point in the Old Town of Corfu! Its unique Renaissance design will delight you, its excellent coffee and of course its signature cocktails will drive you crazy and its location right where the heart of the Old Town beats is guaranteed to make you a patron!

Chàvez Cafeteria Drinkeria made a grand opening in Holy Week 2022 and immediately became the new place to be, loved by people of all ages. A place that takes you to another era, theatrical, special, expressive. Its unique design has a narcissism that demands nothing less than perfection in keeping with the opinion of Giorgos Tsenebis, owner (with extensive experience in the field of high-end cafes for many years outside Corfu) who took over the whole concept from the beginning. He himself tells us “we must provide the same perfect overall experience for each visitor during their stay at our place from the good-natured welcome to the heartfelt goodbye”

Ideal for any type of break in the city, whether it is an early morning coffee break with quality coffee accompanied by fresh snacks, or a break from shopping and walking, Chàvez Cafeterìa Drinkeria colors our everyday life with a glass of wine or hot drink. In the evenings Chàvez Cafeterìa Drinkeria unfolds another side of it. The combination of the signature cocktails with the very high quality and at the same time amazingly tasty street food that you will find by taking a look at the list, turns up the pleasure. Colors, ideas, hand-made preparations, premium drinks are mixed with selective music and create an experience that you will definitely want to live again.

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📍Evgeniou Voulgareos 52, nu. 26610 46151

Porcelani Cafe

The well-known, historic and beloved Canton of Bizi undoubtedly emits a special energy that attracts people with a special aesthetic to create spaces that touch our hearts. This is how Ms. Sevasti found herself directly from Athens in the heart of Corfu, realizing her dream and inviting us all to it!

A place with a huge history (besides, it started as a former stable of the Manor of Kobitsi from 1680) was transformed by the hands of Mrs. Sevasti into a retro cafe-bistro with a love for good old cinema, classical and jazz music and everything vintage. The creation of the space took several months as all the objects – from the largest painting and the table seats to the smallest spoon – were expertly selected and came directly from antique shops.

Arriving at Porselani Cafe, you see a cafe that is completely connected with the history and beauty of Corfu. Entering the interior, you can’t help but feel the warmth of home, as if you were in the living room of your home with “mom” Sevasti preparing your coffee and some of the breakfast dishes that go by the special names of Lumiere, Thrypsalaki, Madame Chayero while you “travel” in time by listening to music and are transported to another era.

Many evenings, Porselani Cafe invites us to special live jazz nights and then the magic of the space combined with the sensual notes promise to elevate our experience.

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📍Maniarizi Arlioti 7, Kantouni Mpizi, nu 26610 42542