How did fate brought it like this and I visited Konitsa twice in two months – third time in total – I don’t even know! It is not a place high on the preferences of visitors to Epirus although it is a destination that is constantly developing, combining authentic Epirus energy with natural beauty and history and can become a strategically wonderful base for excursions and activities in the Vikos – Aou National Park, the Mastorochoria, the steam baths of Amarantos and Vasilitsa for winter sports. Shall we go on a trip to Konitsa?

About Konitsa

The town of Konitsa belongs to the Region of Epirus, it is located approximately 500 km from Athens and 64 km from Ioannina. It is built amphitheatrically on the slope of Mount Trapezitsa which means that by going up to the Upper Side of the city you can enjoy the immensity of the plain which is interrupted only by the three rivers that cross it, the Aoos, the Voidomatis and the Sarantaporos.

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The wider area of ​​Konitsa, with its numerous villages, is one of the most popular destinations for lovers of exploration, religious tourism and activities. It has a rich tradition, picturesque settlements but also natural landscapes suitable for hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, off road routes, rafting and much more!

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Since we were a large group on this trip, we chose “Lotos Mountain Resort” because of its beautiful wooden houses and its strategic location, five minutes from the town of Konitsa, in the peaceful nature. I will give it 4 stars.

Discovering Konitsa

In Konitsa, you stop in the Square and drink coffee to start your day – where else – at the most impressive, and only single-arched bridge in the Balkans, the famous bridge of Konitsa. The bridge is really impressive especially as it harmonizes with the green of the mountains and the waters of the river. Crossing it and reaching its opposite side (which, in my opinion, has a more beautiful view for photos) begins the two-hour path that ends at the Stomio Monastery.

We continue with the Monastery of Panagia Molyvdoskepastou which was built in 668 by the Byzantine emperor Constantine IV Pogonato and is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin but for those who are interested in Konitsa there is also the ancestral home of Elder Paisios.

The new town of Konitsa does not have much to offer, however, walking along the stone cobblestones in the Upper Town of Konitsa, you can admire stone-built houses, samples of Epirotian architecture, but also the highlight of the Ottoman period, the Hamkos complex

Nearby places to visit

Personal favorites, I have visited Zagorochoria over five times and I never stop discovering something new. They are only 40 minutes away from Konitsa and the route is really impressive. What to do in Zagorochoria? Stopping at Aristi Square for a coffee? Walking to Megalo Papigo and stopping for coffee and dessert at “Kukounari”? Food at “Dia” in Mikro Papigo and then a coffee at “Pinocchio” overlooking Astraka? Exploring the lesser known villages like Tsepelovo or Kapesovo? I could go on forever.


Mastorochoria is the complete opposite of Zagorochoria. Not at all touristic, calm, they have a different energy, they pull you back in time. The villages of the “mastores” who dealt not only with building but also with the arts, seem frozen in time. Each village was known for a special specialty. Pyrsogianni is the village with the easiest access, followed by Vourpiani, Hionades, Asimochori, Gorgopotamos, Oxia and Plikati. On the other side of Sarantaporos, we find Monastiri, Molista, Ganadio, Pournia, Kastaniani, Lagada.

Now there are very few permanent residents of these villages, however on weekends and holidays you will definitely find a cafe to drink your coffee and a resident to tell you stories from the past.

Atmoloutra Amarantou

The village of Amarandos is located on the Greek-Albanian border at an altitude of 1,100 meters, about half an hour outside of Konitsa. The route is beautiful, amidst the greenery and tranquility of our mountains and the roads are in relatively good condition.

Continuing the route and about ten minutes later, you will reach the Village of Amaranto Steam Baths, which is located at an altitude of 1260m. It consists of a beautiful Square, some guesthouses, some shops for food and coffee and of course the Steam Baths.

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Flavors i suggest

Peklaritiko Steki, where we enjoyed the route until we reached the village of Pigi (Peklari), and the wonderful, traditional place as well as the flavors (thanks Irini for the suggestion)

In the city of Konitsa, many people recommended Toris for well-cooked meats, but also Golden 86 – Konitsa, fast food for something tasty in hand.

For coffee and handmade sweets, “Koukunari” in Papigo is a must.