A small capital has managed to become one of the most up-and-coming destinations in Europe, for those looking for a cheap and special destination for a quick getaway. Having visited the Slovak capital twice, I have put together some postcards that will convince you to visit (and love) Bratislava.

Before you keep on reading, check out my Bratislava Guide.

Bratislava is beautiful PERIOD
Bratislava’s Old Town is totally romantic

The baroque style that characterizes the Old Town of Bratislava will captivate you at first sight. As you climb higher towards the Castle, you will see old and wornout buildings, which seem completely abandoned in time. The Old Town, small and crowded will not tire you at all, The buildings will lead you by themselves, to each other, in small alleys. Somewhere there you will find the most “instagrammable” street in the city.

bratislava-old town
My fav building

And of course HERE is my favorite alley! You will usually find very few people here, while its history goes back to the 14th century, when the first school in the city was founded here! Beauty and history combined!

And somewhere here I took out my tripod and took many wonderful photos, without anyone bothering me! Pure bliss!

Bratislava is NOT crowded

This means that you can explore it in peace, wander the narrow streets and take many photos. You will eat delicious and budget food and most importantly, you will not feel like another tourist in the crowds.

It is a small capital in a central part of Europe and I must admit that even for a day you MUST visit it. History, great food and unique architecture. What else do you want? Enjoy some more photos from Bratislava and fall in love freely!