A few months ago, we got in the car, made a one stop at a grocery store to buy lots and lots of carrots and continued on to the village of Doukades. But where did we go with all these carrots? Of course for a visit to Corfu Donkey Rescue in Corfu!

What exactly is Corfu Donkey Rescue

In Corfu, as in other parts of Greece, donkeys are still used for some labor work. On one hand, this trend fortunately declines over the years, on the other hand many donkeys, losing their role, turned into “useless” workers by their owners.

Corfu Donkey Rescue’s purpose in Corfu is to offer the sweet donkeys a place where they can spend the rest of their lives happily and calmly. Many of them are sick, injured or old and just looking for a place to live with dignity and receive a lot of love every day.

CDR’s history

It was founded by Judy Quinn, of British origin in 2004 in the village of Poulades and in 2006 it was officially recognized by the Greek State as a Charitable Organization for the Protection of the Donkeys (the first one in Greece). In 2009 the space was transferred to Doukades where it continues its operation until today.

Each donkey has its name, its habits and as you will know, its character. When you visit the CDR one of your volunteers guides you through the space, tells you about its history and how it works and introduces you to some of the stars of the space. Donkeys are very smart and social animals and you will see this for yourself better. If you bring some carrots with you, you will definitely become good friends quickly!

CDR is currently closed to the public, in order to protect the stuff

It operates based exclusively on the volunteers of the center, who spend their days taking care of the living and the donations of the public. In addition to financial support, a great way to help is to “adopt” a donkey, thus contributing to its costs.

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