In October 2020, the road took us to Thessaly and specifically to the prefecture of Trikala. For a long time we wanted to see the enchanting Meteora up close and experience the magic of the area. After spending two days exploring Meteora, Kalampaka and Kastraki, we got back in the car for an excursion to the traditional villages of Pertouli and Elati.

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The wider area of ​ Trikala region is a real oasis of natural beauty and the routes will award you with amazing views. You will cross vast expanses of greenery and discover hidden stone bridges and rivers. If you decide to stay in one of these villages, you will enjoy a relaxing stay in stone-built guesthouses, you will eat delicious meat and various kinds of mushrooms and you will experience the Thessalian hospitality to the fullest. Built on the western slopes of Koziakas, these picturesque villages are today one of the most popular mountain resorts in Greece.

Although these destinations are better known as winter resorts (due to the Pertouli Ski Resort), they had a special beauty even in the colors of autumn. It was very calm, which I imagine changes in winter when these villages come to life and are full of winter sports enthusiasts, hikers and people looking for a traditional destination for their weekend.

First Stop: Pertouli

From the city of Trikala, you will need about half an hour to reach the villages. Our first stop was Pertouli. Small, picturesque and very quiet. We met many beautiful stone-built guesthouses and stopped for a coffee at the incredibly cozy “Cafe Lychnari”. Although it was only October and the fireplace was burning, we chose to enjoy our coffee in the “outdoor area”, which gave us a great view.

Stop at Palaiokarias Waterfalls

Leaving Pertouli and before reaching Elati, we made a stop at the beautiful waterfalls of Paleokarya and the arched bridge. The bridge of Paleokarya connected Thessaly with Epirus and was a busy route at that time, of course it is not used today.

The river that passes through that point is Paleokaritis and if we continue our route we reach the ravine of Paleokarya where a picturesque watermill operates until today. Walking up to the bridge you can take beautiful photos, enjoying the greenery.
Second stop :Elati

Elati is the largest village in the region of Trikala and the most famous one. It is located at an altitude of 950 meters and is the most touristically developed. After walking around the village, we asked for the best place to eat and all the suggestions were about “The kanavia” and as we understood, not unjustly. In its menu you will find a huge variety of mushrooms, cooked in special ways and fresh well-cooked meats.

Have the best time!