Words associated with Meteora in my mind? Unreal landscape, spirituality, breathtaking views. Why I visited them so late, I have not understood yet but now I consider it one of the most special destinations in Greece, this country that manages to combine clear blue waters and peaks that touch the skies. Let's go on a trip to Meteora, the land of Gods
We found ourselves in Kalambaka in October 2020, after about three hours of road trip from Igoumenitsa and with high expectations for this destination. We had also heard and read rave reviews about this uniquely unreal landscape of our country, which stands out not only because of its religious role but also because of its geomorphological beauty.

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Where you should stay
The best areas to choose your accommodation are Kalampaka, a "gateway" to the magical Meteora or Kastraki, a small village skillfully hidden among the rocks. Wherever you choose to stay, I suggest you definitely book a room with a view, as I am sure you will remember it for the rest of your life.
My proposal and now eternal love is called "Kaikis Hotel" and is located in Kalambaka, at the foot of Meteora. This hotel is located at the foot of Meteora and offers comfortable rooms overlooking the magnificent rocks and a very tasty breakfast for the ideal start of your day.
The hotel is 25 years old and the family of the owners from the first moment will make you feel at home, taking care of your comfortable stay by taking care of all the protection measures against Covid-19. They will also be happy to suggest you beautiful spots in the area and will pack your breakfast if you need to leave early in the morning.

Pro tip 👉 Also download to your mobile the application that will solve your hands, Sightseer. Through the app you can navigate the wider area, learn everything about your visit to Meteora but even find hidden spots of interest.
What you should see
Start your day with a visit to the Natural History and Mushroom Museum of Meteora
The Museum of Natural History of Meteora is housed in a very modern building on Pindou Street and is only a few years old, as it first opened its doors in 2014 in an effort to create a pool of knowledge about the fauna and flora of the area with special emphasis on favorites all of us mushrooms. The ticket costs 5 euros, its opening hours vary depending on the season (and conditions).
In the exhibition you will see a wide variety of animals - some of which are endangered - and of course at the Mushroom Museum you can explore the hundreds of varieties of plants in our country. The Museum includes a rich collection of birds and mammals as well as a complete mushroom museum, the first of its kind in Greece. There are about 350 species of animals and 250 of the main species of mushrooms.
See more at the official site of the Museum
Off to Meteora
Meteora is a complex of huge sandstone rocks (sedimentary rock from sand grains), with an average altitude of 313 meters. Monasteries have been built on some of the rocks. This monastery complex is therefore the second most important in Greece after Mount Athos. In the past the monasteries reached  number 24. Today, only 6 of them are operational.
The six monasteries that are now operating are the following: Rousanou, Agios Stefanos, Metamorphoseos tou Sotiros (Megalo Meteoro), Agia Triada, Agios Nikolaos tou Anapafsas and Varlaam. An ideal day to visit is Sunday, a day when all the monasteries are open.
Tip 👉 To enter the monasteries, if you are a woman you must wear a skirt (below the knee), otherwise they give you a kind of "skirt" at the entrance.
We visited 2 of the monasteries, which were open and it really was a wonderful experience. At the southeastern end of the cliffs is the female monastic community (since 1961 AD) of the Holy Monastery of Agios Stefanos. We also visited the 2nd largest, which is located at an altitude of 370 meters and provides a unique view of Meteora to the visitor, Barlaam.
The whole area is a photographic paradise, so be sure to spend many hours just wandering around and admiring the scenery.
Food stop
We tried and recommend the Valia Calda restaurant in Kalambaka. Be sure to try the mushroom barley (thanks to Theelstories for the suggestion).
Activities in Meteora
If you are a fan of nature adventure and activities , then in Meteora you will find many options that will excite you. Starting from the best way to get to know the area of ​​Meteora but also the easiest of the options, the classic and favorite hiking. Walking between the huge rocks and the proximity to nature is the ideal combination that will help you get to know the area better.

The second option and aimed at more oriented people of the subject is climbing. The ideal period is from April to June and from September to November, always taking into account the weather conditions.

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