Is it possible that a tiny island near Corfu is hidding some of the bluest waters of the Ionian while maintaining a vibe of complete relaxation, not even an hour away from the famous and bustling island of Corfu? And yet it is possible. I went to Paxos for 48 hours (for the 3rd time if i may) and I am here to give you all my tips and advice so you can have an unforgettable time.
How to get to Paxos
You can reach Paxos in two ways, the most convenient of which is the classic "dolphin", which leaves the port of Corfu on a daily basis, several times a day. The itineraries depend on the season, so it would be good to do your search arriving in Corfu, so as not to be surprised. The second way is one of the classic ships of the line which goes first to Igoumenitsa and then to Paxos.

For a faster visit, there are options for day trips from Corfu and Parga.

Where to stay in Paxos

But of course in Gaios, where the heart of Paxos beats. It is located a stone’s throw from the port, and is the largest of the villages of Paxos and the capital of the island. It stands out for its traditional architecture with its colorful buildings and mansions and the island of Agios Nikolaos. Here are most of the accommodation, food – drink options, but also from here you will get the boats that will take you to Antipaxos. We’ll get there.

In Gaios but also in other villages of Paxos you will find villas of amazing beauty but also neat apartments, if you want to move at a more economical pace. In general, Paxoi is an expensive destination, but it does not mean that there are not the most budget options, especially if you visit the island off season.


The capital of the island, with its picturesque harbor and colorful buildings, will steal your heart at first sight. Start your day at Libretto with an excellent coffee and an impressive yogurt bowl – among other things – to get all the energy you need. In this particular place you can also end your day with an amazing cocktail, just saying.

Do not forget to get lost in its narrow streets and discover all its secrets but also to pay a visit to the Museum of Paxos to learn more about the history of this place. Among other things, you can see findings from the prehistoric era and the classical years up to World War II as well as the Ionian Parliament Resolution on the annexation of the Ionian Islands to the Greek state in 1864.

Boat to Antipaxos

Let’s face it, the best way to live and appreciate Paxos, is to come with your own boat, or rent one with your friends and discover all the beaches in your own pace. But because most of us do not have this luxury, you can board from Gaios on one of the boats that depart almost every hour and swim in the blue waters of Antipaxos.

At this time, one of the beaches of Antipaxos, Voutoumi is no longer accessible to the public, so the boats leave you in the equally beautiful but due to the situation suffocatingly full beach Vrika. I warned you.

Other places of interest

Lakka: Another picturesque port of the island, this time at the northwestern tip of the island where you can take a walk and choose for your stay if you want an even quieter and private vacation.

Don’t miss: Averto Paxos

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy your breakfast, a relaxing coffee or a special meal, then this is the place to be. It is located in the area of Magazia, and you can include it in your program if you are heading from Gaios to Lakka.

Loggos: The smallest port of the island, is only 5 km from Gaios and has beautiful shops for food and coffee, but also perhaps the best shop to buy your souvenirs. Arriving first, the trunk of the old factory of Anemogiannis dominates. In the now abandoned building, there used to be an olive mill and a soap factory.

In Loggos is the famous “Vassilis Tavern” which is not exactly a tavern but a unique gastronomic trip and the most wonderful shop with handmade souvenirs that we discovered throughout the island. It does not have a name but is located directly opposite the old factory. Don’t miss it!

Sunset in Erimitis

One of the most special locations of the island is the beach of Erimitis. It is a creation of the earthquake of 2008 during which, parts of the mountain receded and formed this wonderful beach with white pebbles. Near the area of Magazia, you will find signs that will direct you to Erimitis, but keep in mind that the road is relatively bad and you will have to go down about 300 steps. But the images will definitely compensate you.

If you do not want to watch the sunset from the beach, there are several viewpoints in the nearby area and of course the well-known restaurant “Erimitis” if you want to enjoy the sunset with a special meal.

A dive in Kipiadi Beach

nother wonderful and unorganized beach is Kipiadi. It is the largest beach on the island with fairly easy access and wonderful blue waters that almost touch the trees that go down to the beach.

Other suggestions: Marmari, Levrechio


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